How to choose a heating system for a country house?

How to choose a heating system for a country house?

Today there are many choices of heating systems. And much depends on the heated volume and communications associated with the house: gas, electricity, diesel. How to choose a heating system for a country house? We describe in detail in this article.

Batteries have become less popular, because they warmed air rises up and therefore the system is ineffective. In contrast, «warm» floors, which is advantageous in operation, since they directly heat the entire living space.

Heating systems, depend directly on the communications

Gas heating

Gas heating is particularly beneficial in homes with large area. Only such a system pays off immediately, but in five years. In addition, the complexity is the installation of the boiler in a separate room, which reduces living space. Plus need to get all the necessary permits for the use of a gas system. In the current environment of economic instability, the price of gas is projected to be not too beneficial to the end user, which again does not speak in favor of gas heating. It is not excluded that there will come a time when it becomes most unprofitable of all systems. Of the benefits of gas heating you can call the equality, stability and speed of heating. First selected appropriate temperature of the system, then all costs just to maintain the selected mode. But the biggest disadvantage of this heating is the inability to disable the fire in the boiler because of the danger of thawing pipes. Because of this not very comfortable nuance in the house have to be someone from the owners, to keep the fire as in ancient times. For working people this is a significant drawback.

Electric heating

There are more pros than cons. First of all, the equipment is cheaper gas. Special permissions are necessary. Ease of installation electric film of flooring is possible to install the system yourself, focusing on the manufacturer’s instructions. Just be sure to choose a special heat-resistant laminate. Cable electric floor heating is more difficult to mount, it requires the service of a specialist. But the ease of use of the heating is compensated by costs. Electric heating set the desired programming. It is possible to configure the system so that only those rooms heated, which is important in the moment: in the night kitchen and bedroom and included morning room and loft. Even being outside the home, it is possible to control such heating. Once on the road, for example, to turn on the heating to the arrival at the house warmer. It does not require the continuous maintenance of the boiler. The lack of one, but it is significant: the high cost of operation. The gas is still cheaper than electricity.

Solid fuel boiler

Heating on solid fuel is typically used where there is no possibility to install electric or gas: the remoteness of the area, the frequent voltage fluctuations in the network, etc. the Convenience of the system for solid fuels that are relatively inexpensive to operate, provided, of course, there is the opportunity to stock up on cheap firewood. If you install a pellet boiler, the fuel fill is performed only once a week, and the entire process takes place offline. But a boiler is expensive, he needs a separate room, which again reduces the useful area of housing. And for the circulation of necessary electricity, it is indispensable. If we talk about the stove the stove, the disadvantage is obvious — you need to put fire wood in manual mode and on a permanent basis.

Heat pump

This system of heating is less popular today. Its essence is that the heat taken from the environment — soil or water. Such heating is effective only in the homes of a large area of 250 square meters and farther. The equipment of such a system is too expensive. And pays off only in the complexes built from a commercial perspective — paid housing complexes, shopping malls, resort areas. Because if the selection is from the soil, in such territory then nothing can be placed except a lawn or small garden. And in the case of equipment failure, the repair will cost from the calculation of excavation and removal.

In any case, the heating system must be chosen through careful calculations and considering the pros and cons for each home and neighborhood. It is better to consult specialists, such as on the website nrgs/. With their help you will be able to choose the most efficient and cost-effective heating system for your home.

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