How to choose a good tablet?

How to choose a good tablet

The tablet is a multifunctional gadget that combines a computer, e-book and telephone. To choose a good tablet, today, not an easy task, because the market there is a huge variety of models in different price categories.

What are the tablets

There are tabletsthat can make calls. In your tablet’s SIM card that allows the handset to act as a phone.

As for tablet manufacturers, well-proven model of Asus. Almost the entire range of new tablets this brand can be found on ek/list/30/asus/. Here you can find as a simple model for the Internet surfing and powerful tablet that will become a true alternative to your desktop or laptop.

Built-in Wi-Fi adapter allows a gadget to access the Internet. Alternative to Wi-Fi have 4G b 3G network.

For what purpose are purchased the tablet

Before buying a tablet, it is worth considering the purpose for which it is needed. The most popular are the following objectives:

  • To access your own blog or web page, as well as social networks.
  • In some cases, the tablet is necessary for working with documentation. Gadgets easily perform scans of documents and allow you to work in text editors.
  • Reading books with the help of special programs – readers.
  • Movies and various videos. Listen to audio files.
  • Game.

It is worth noting that the tablet can be purchased separately accessories. This can be a mini keyboard, headphones and other small items. Also the tablet is equipped with built-in keyboard, which is also fairly easy to use.

Choose a tablet by size

Planning to buy a tablet, you first need to understand what screen size is necessary. Most often, the optimum eight-inch screen, which is useful when watching videos. Such a compact gadget, and it is easy to carry with you.

Optionally, you can purchase a ten-inch tablet, which has a high price category.

About operating systems

Operating system OIS

Feature of gadgets is stability and speed. The disadvantage of this OS is the fact that it only works on the iPad. Other companies producing tablets, this OS is not used. The operating system presented by Apple.

The Android operating system

The OS from Google is a high-quality platform, which includes both paid and free apps. Work on such a tablet in a treat.

Windows operating system

Source the Microsoft platform, which was created specially for the touch screen.

The OS provides the opportunity to work with many text editors and spreadsheets, as well as more complex programs.

Stuffing tablet

It is important that the memory of the gadget was at least 1Gb. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the braking system or even lack of ability to uncover one or the other.

Tablets equipped with Android OS, should have a dual-core processor which will allow programs to run without interruptions and errors.

If the tablet need to embed large amount of information, you should become familiar with the physical memory, which is represented 64GB, 32GB and 16GB. Properly disposing memory, it is enough for 16GB. It all depends on the individual preferences of the owner.

You can also ask about the availability of 3G on the tablet. On the price category, the gadget is not affected.

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