How to choose a good smartphone and laptop nowadays

How to choose a good smartphone and laptop nowadays

A significant number of people thinking about how to choose a good smartphone and a laptop in our time. How not to be mistaken with a choice? After all, nobody wants to spend money in vain.

Selection criteria of smartphone

The main thing to decide how it will be bought by the smartphone. There are several options:

  1. For calls and messages. In this case, nothing special in the phone to not be. For such simple functions will suit even the normal button text. If you still want a smartphone, especially can not bother. Will fit any. You can pick up the phone memory up to 516 MB.
  2. For photos. Some people need a phone only for the quality of the photos. Some people need it for work, and someone for entertainment. Then the bias needs to be done on the camera. It is advisable to choose a smartphone with a camera of 13 megapixels. The quality is just great.
  3. You can opt for some models of Lenovo, or a more proven brand of Samsung and HTC.
  4. Games. Such type of smart phones are mostly young people welcome. To sit in pairs or in universities is often pretty boring, so many entertain themselves with games on smartphones. In this case, it is definitely a very useful approach to the selection. For simple games suitable smartphone RAM 1 GB, internal – 8 GB, with 1.2 GHz. If the preference is given to recently released Igor, it is advisable to choose a phone with RAM of 2 GB, internal — 16 GB and with a frequency of 1.5 — 2.1 GHz. Such power can pull any game, but the price will match.
  5. To raise its credibility. Some people pretend to be «posh». In this case, bought the phone brand Apple or something from the latest released.

Not so difficult to make the right choice. Most importantly, to know what is bought machine.

Buying a smartphone as you can with the warranty and without it. The warranty card will give you the opportunity to use a certified service center fixing phones Meizu a brand at no additional cost.

Choosing a good quality laptop

And now you can pay attention to the choice of laptop. They also can choose based future use. To just sit on the Classmates website will fit any. But if you need a powerful laptop, it is important to direct the interest in such values:

  • RAM — 6 GB
  • Hard drive — 750 GB
  • Graphics card — 2 GB
  • Heart computer — Intel Core i5 (2.8 GHz )
  • Number of cores — 2 or higher.
  • Screen — 15.6 inch (for comfortable use).

For gamers, there are special kinds of notebooks, power is several times more written.

On what manufacturer to stop?

This is an important issue. Qualitative laptops is Asus. They a decent ratio of price and quality. Good are and laptops, but the price is clearly too high. To the category of good laptops include Lenovo, Acer, HP. But the case is they have very unreliable. The main problem of the brand Acer is disrupted loop. Repairs are time-consuming and expensive.

Well and further all will already depend on the owner, how careful will be relevant to the laptop, so he will serve.

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