How to choose a good refrigerator?

How to choose a good refrigerator?

Over the time, when long-term storage foods our ancestors used caves and technical progress has given us the great «white brother», and quietly grumbled at the heart of our family home – the kitchen. Many faced with the choice of such necessary things like a refrigerator: many companies, many models, versions, colors, thoughts…. Head spin!

Let’s understand and try to facilitate a heavy share of the buyer in this difficult matter and will reply to the question “How to choose a good refrigerator? “. It should also be noted that the information presented below will not carry complex technical words and terms important for us to know and understand the consumer characteristics and useful properties of this wonderful instrument.

The dimensions of the refrigerator

The decision is made, the money is there and now it’s important to understand and have an idea where, in fact, will be our new acquisition. Why is it important? There are several reasons not to miscalculate the size (if it’s a niche or doorway between the kitchen furniture) the color of the case (if this factor is important and do not want to disturb the harmony of the room). The exception will be so-called built-in refrigeration appliances installed in the kitchen and closed with a decorative panel. It is worth noting that the standard (conventional) dimensions of the refrigerator are width and depth and they are equal to 60 cm But the height is different. In frequent cases, the owners of small kitchens are limited in this area, consequently you also need to take into account this indicator. When choosing you need to understand that the size of the device is very much useful volume, which in the future will give the opportunity to load more products. Depending on the size, the product in this category is divided into three types: devices with bottom, top, freezer and side-by-side (refrigerator and freezer compartment is located along the entire height of devices side-by-side). The last layout is called «American», because a «Cabinet» may only be placed in large rooms.

You should pay attention to the interior space of refrigerators and freezers.

Remember that this appliance is designed for user convenience. The adjustable height shelves, material, strength should at least be credible. It is difficult to understand the Chinese manufacturer, what is 5 litres of soup for the week.

The manufacturer of the refrigerator


So, with the size and color was determined, followed by the most important: how to avoid mistakes and to choose that firm, the technique of which will not break on the first day, and will give pleasure for a long time use. Bad question and the answer is ambiguous, as each brand-the firm has its own personality and deserves some attention.

Cooling system

Briefly, we should dwell on the important characteristic of the cooling system. They are currently only two types: static (natural) and forced (artificial).

The pros and cons are in one and another. The first cooling scheme can be problems with the accumulation of frost in the cavity of the refrigerator, which may cause bacterial growth, and in the future – unpleasant smell.

Unlike the first, forced ventilation dries a useful volume, preventing the formation of «snow coats». The fridge works better and does not require frequent defrosting, but the products are prone to «drying up» and store will have them in special containers.

An artificial system is called the No Frost (frost) and is often used in Asian refrigerators. This is due to the peculiarity of the climate in which they are used. European manufacturers also use this technology, but its primary purpose is to support demand for its products.

The functionality of the refrigerator


It is important to remember that the fridge in the first place a device that prolongs storage time, but nevertheless, it needs to be functional. Depending on prices, can be equipped with separate temperature control in two parts anti-bacterial coating, audio door open indicator, electronic display etc. these facilities acceptable, but for the average layman is not so critical as it might seem actually.

The efficiency of the refrigerator


At the present time a very important factor that gives you the opportunity to save a couple (or more) rubles. Almost all refrigerators have energy class A (power consumption of 350 – 400 kWh per year). Appliances with high consumption levels are considered «high energy consuming», although the difference in money is likely to be felt only after 8-10 years of use (which in principle is the life of the refrigerator).

Using these criteria it is difficult to choose the refrigerator of your dreams and enjoy a cold drink or ice cream on hot summer days!

It should be noted that our new «handsome» is a complex household appliance and requires the installation of specialized service centers, which are located almost in all regions. Ignoring this rule, you may encounter failures that will be very expenses.

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