How to choose a good faucet for the bathroom

How to choose a good faucet for the bathroom

How to choose a good faucet for the bathroom and not make a mistake? This question from time to time have to ask each one of us. Faucets break down rarely, but without them is almost impossible. In this article you will learn how to choose the faucet in the bathroom and that it should be considered.

Bathroom is a place which should be an ideal cleanliness of each house. That is why everything must be installed to avoid possible leaks and dampness. This is very important to choose the right faucet for washbasin and bath.

Considering bathtub faucets with shower, one should know that they differ on the method of installation, material of manufacture and design.

By mounting the mixers are divided into:

the mixer wall;

built-in mixer.

A wall mounted faucet mounted on the wall, what its name says. The pipe is usually vmurovyvayut or cover up false walls. Recessed faucet is mounted directly to the surface of the bath. Most often this method is used for acrylic baths in which the holes for the faucets provided by the manufacturer or cut in the editing process.

Most modern bathtub faucets is made of brass. This is a fairly hard alloy, and you can always determine the quality of a brass faucet from a fake for its weight. The outer surface of the mixer is covered with chromium, which gives them greater resistance to corrosion and does not proliferate on the surface vredonostnyh bacteria. In addition, polished chrome or matte surface has a very nice aesthetic appearance. Arm single lever faucets and shower heads are often made of plastic.

By design, the mixer device is:

  • twin valve;
  • single lever;
  • thermostatic;
  • contactless.

Twin valve mixer taps for water are considered obsolete, but they are often installed in the interiors decorated in retro style (country, Provence, classic style, art Nouveau or art Deco) for more authenticity. Their structure consists of a crane-head parts and two valves. To adjust the temperature and pressure of the water in these faucets is quite problematic. This is the most simple and cheap mixers from all present on the market. Their weak part is considered a seal that wears out quickly and is leaking.

Single lever faucets to adjust the flow and temperature of water using a single lever that moves in two planes. With it, you can easily adjust the water with one hand and quickly shut off if necessary. Today, the most popular mixers of all that is on the market. A large selection of these models can be found here: There are cartridge and ball model of single lever mixers. Ball faucets are deprecated, so almost all models of single lever faucets have a cartridge design.

The thermostatic mixer can be called the most comfortable. It has two knobs, one of which is responsible for water pressure and its temperature. This design is quite expensive, but very practical. Mixer with thermostat convenient because it’s impossible to burn yourself because you once set the temperature, adjusting its pressure the other regulator.

Contactless mixers are the most economical of all. They have a complicated electronic filling with the use of infrared sensors, which are responsible for turning on and off the water. Most often they are installed in public places. They can be operated both from the mains and from batteries.

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