How to choose a good bed for bedroom

How to choose a good bed for bedroom

How to choose a good bed for the bedroom? Healthy sleep is one of the conditions for good health and attractive appearance of the person. In a dream a person spends up to 10 hours, and the sleeping comfort is very important. Deciding to buy a sofa or bed for sleeping, you must correctly approach to purchasing. First, the furniture for the bedroom cannot be attributed to cheap products. Secondly, the wrong choice of bed may face problems with sleep, and hence health. Thirdly, to exchange incorrectly purchased a sofa and bed you can: the law is on the side of the consumer, but only if the furniture is not included with the sets and kits. But the exchange will need a lot of time.

The main elements of the bed

The frame of the bed consists of:

  • A pair of supporting walls and panels on the side.
  • Four panels and hinged backs.

Important: pay attention to the design of the bed.

If the bed is made without backs, instead of them fastened to the bed legs. There are other options: castors, podium, platform, side walls. How best to choose a frame? First of all, it needs to be from a trusted manufacturer. And I also have to say that the legs are deteriorating more often compared to the headboards.

Which frame is better to choose?

Materials for the frame is usually wood and metal. Forged products and beds with wicker frame type resistant, so popular among consumers. The least reliability of the different beds of MDF and hardboard. In areas fasteners after a short operating period are chipped, and the bed begins to creak.

The frame is the main structure of the bed. On the frame to bear the load. Healthy sleep depends on the comfort of the bed. You need to choose a quality mattress. It is sold complete with a bed. You can purchase the mattress separately. Experts recommend to buy a special orthopedic mattress.

As the base design is the grid fixed to the frame. Frame (grid) is made from wood or particle Board, and metal. On the frame put wooden slats. Worth a look for their number when you purchase! If a lot of the slats, the bed will last a long time. During the inspection for future purchases it should be noted that the distance between slats must be no more than the width. If you bought a double bed, the slats must be not less than 30 units. For a single space – not less than 15 units. Many consumers still retained a love bed with a lattice of metal, believing them to be comfortable, and most importantly, durable. For human spine in this bed is not the best.

Tip: useful would be to buy a bed with flexible slats and orthopaedic mattress.Internet – shop «Lapis» presented a wide range of beds for sleeping under the low prices! Buying beds in Moscow, the buyer will be able to choose the most suitable option of different colors: wenge, white gloss, white oak, walnut and light oak milk, etc. a Variety of models «Lapis» and designs of beds will delight the most discerning buyer!

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