How to choose a glass cutter? Professional advice

How to choose a suitable glass cutter?

How to choose a glass cutter? A glass cutter is a tool with which you can cut glass and mirrors. A wide range of glass cutters will easily confuse the unprepared buyer. Therefore, before buying you should determine the type of cutter, it is able to evaluate all advantages and disadvantages.

Diamond glass cutter

This glass cutter is composed of minimally processed diamond, framed. Of sturdy stone this glass cutter working precisely and accurately. Tool capable of cutting glass up to 10 mm thick. And, if necessary, the cutting edge can always be replaced. If you want you can do the sharpening diamond. Glaziers ‘ diamonds can be composed of synthetic diamond. It is not less effective, but cuts through glass, the thickness of which is not more than 5 mm.

Glaziers ‘ diamonds are divided by the number of working faces. The most suitable for the novice glass cutter has a curved edge chipped. Due to the simplicity and convenience it is more efficient to operate for the novice master. Glass cutter with four-sided diamond pyramid is quite complicated to use and will suit more experienced people.

Compasses glass cutter

With the help of a compass glass cutter can cut ovals and circles of the required diameter. This compass includes a suction Cup that allows you to lock the tool, adjust the scale and the glass cutter. To find a professional glass cutter on the link zm-tools/catalog/ruchnoy_instrument/steklorezy/professional_nye.

Roller steklorez

These awnings are fairly easy to use and fit to the master with any experience. This glass cutter can cut glass, whose thickness is 1-5 mm. They differ in the number of working rollers. What will be more, the better it will be to reach a deep cutting. It is also possible to change the cutting element, as it is a consumable item. When working with a roller glass cutter you need to make more effort.

Oil glass cutter

This kind of glass cutters is on the market not so long ago, but has become fairly widespread. He can cut glass with a thickness of 18-20 mm. the Principle of its operation is based on the flow of oil from the handle, which allows to reduce friction. The oil is fed through the incisions are neat and accurate. Such wines are considered more professional tools, as they are easy to work with a large amount of work. For cutting quality and ease of use, the price of oil glaziers is quite high.

Buy steklostreoy recommended in specialized stores, such as zm-tools. Before buying you need to determine exactly what thickness of material will work, weigh your skills and abilities to choose an appropriate glass cutter.

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