How to choose a faucet: plumbing tips

How to choose a faucet plumbing tips

Bathroom or kitchen cannot be imagined without water. It’s like a herring without salt or non-alcoholic vodka. And where does the water in the houses? Of course, from the pipes. However, if it were not for the mixer, she would have just flowed out messy fountain. More precisely – fountains: one hot and one cold. In this article we will talk about how to choose a faucet.

It mixer not only directs water to the faucet, but also allows to give it the desired temperature by mixing cold and hot air streams in desired proportions. In addition, it is not only useful, but also able to truly decorate the room, if chosen with taste.

Story mixer

And invented this indispensable thing the Englishman William Thomson in the late nineteenth century. Through several decades, his discovery was perfected and patented a native of the Ottoman Empire Alex Manoogian. His contribution lay in the fact that the device can function with a single knob.

And only recently appeared «smart» mixersequipped with a thermostat function. The latter allows to maintain the desired water temperature without constant human intervention. In addition, they exclude the possibility of burns as the boiling water immediately ceases to be fed to the crane in case of disconnection of cold water.

Varieties of mixers

Faucets are distinguished by the number of handles (levers). In this classification, they are:

  • Dvukhtochechnye. Simple and familiar to all from childhood option when returned to a «krutilka» – I went hot, the second cold added. They are the most inexpensive and very practical, however, not very convenient to use, since you need to spend too many moves.
  • Single lever. Good that with just one movement of the hand is defined and the required pressure and temperature. And they have memory for last used and when you turn to give the same thing to extreme exception.

The people single-lever mixer referred to simply as «goose». Various options can be found on the website of the company ZORG. Apparently, because of its distant resemblance to the neck and head above mentioned birds. It can be, in turn:

  • Ball is a simple and inexpensive, however, may not provide as smooth control of water.
  • Ceramic – a more complex and expensive, adjusts the desired temperature to within a few degrees, but requires regular replacement of the cartridge. It is also desirable to soften the water by using a filter, otherwise it may quickly come into disrepair.

The choice of mixer

Already from what was said earlier is more or less clear that the faucets can be divided into those that are more expensive and more budget options. If money is short, will fit the one with two levers. When finances there are some ball single lever mechanism – just what the doctor ordered. Want something better – a ceramic goose fit perfectly. Well, if money to burn, take the thermostat will not regret it!

This concerns the cost. And from the material from which the plumbing, it also depends. For example, silumin very cheap and very short-lived. So, it is better not to spare money and get a brass mixer. Otherwise, to change or repair have often breath.

Subject to availability, to consult with a friend or not a plumber, what more suitable to a specific apartment or room, you need to use it for sure! In this respect, the many individual nuances and the advice of an experienced specialist really do not hurt.

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