How to choose a electric tankless water heater for the house?

How to choose a electric tankless water heater for the house?

Homeowners often wonder how to choose a electric tankless water heater for continuous hot water supply of housing. Continuous hot water is one of the attributes of modern comfortable life. In order to properly select an electric tankless water heater , you should know the design features of this device.

To set the device for heating flowing water stream is often required to install a separate power lines from the power panel. A connection line is a cable of a particular cross-section. Cable size is selected according to the capacity of the installed device. The automatic turn-off of the apparatus power supply line is equipped with special circuit breakers. The use of a flow heater for heating water flow does not allow you to heat it to high temperatures, which is a minor disadvantage of this type of devices.

What is a tankless water heater?

Water heater is a unit which provides rapid heating of water passing through it. This type of units to ensure hot water does not have in its design storage capacity. The heating is done in Assembly directly in the process of passing the water flow Assembly in the process of its operation. The heating temperature in the apparatus is controlled by increasing and decreasing flow rate. The use of instantaneous electric hot water boiler allows you to get triple benefits – fuel savings of time and place.

To date, a large variety of models of these devices. The shape of these devices appear in the form of a small box of metal, in which there are tubular heating elements. The principle of operation of the apparatus based on the flow of PETN thin layer of water. In the process of passing the water flow along the heating element is very fast heating. The faster the speed of movement along the heating element, the less heat, this principle is used in the process of controlling the temperature of the water flow.

This type of apparatus is not designed for heating to high temperatures. The installation of such a device requires a separate laying of the cable from the Board to implement the power supply of the heater current. Additionally, when conducting the installation of this device you need to install circuit breakers. If the house is designed to use electric cookers, setting household water heaters can be of different capacity, however, if the grid home is not designed for the use of the electric plates, the maximum capacity of the device can be no more than 8 kW. To control domestic water heaters by changing the water flow rate and by changing the power unit.

The most simple models of the devices are equipped with thermostats, by means of which the temperature regulation. More expensive devices equipped with electronic control panels, which are placed on timers and sensors.

How to choose the right boiler for your home?

Before installing the unit to ensure hot water supply is necessary to calculate its required capacity. The required power of the machine for hot water depends on several parameters, the main ones are:

  • the rate of water flow;
  • the initial temperature of the water in front of the machine to heat it;
  • the required temperature of the heated water.

Especially popular tankless water heating device is among the owners of country houses and cottages when you want to ensure the house has Autonomous hot water supply. For this reason, the owners of country houses are wondering about how to choose a electric tankless water heater.

Water heating units differ in the connection types. There are two types of devices depending on the connection:

  • the device pressure;
  • the device gravity.

Pressure type units is used to provide hot water to several faucets, for example, faucets in bathroom and kitchen. The water flow in this unit is under pressure. The pressure in the system must have a constant value equal to 6 bar.

Non-pressure type units designed for hot water from a single point. Non-pressure type units to be mounted on pipelines that do not have constant pressure. Gravity flow heaters are very compact devices that can be placed directly near the mixer serviced. Compared to pressure devices these units are less energy consuming.

Depending on the type of inclusion of all tankless water heaters running on electricity can be divided into two types:

  • manual;
  • automatic.

Apparatus having automatic switching on and off are equipped with flow sensors that record the beginning of the movement of the water flow through the pipes and give the command to activate the device. A disadvantage of such devices is a sensor is triggered when water consumption to 3 liters per minute.

Depending on the mechanism of change of power are the units that have stepped and stepless regulation. Speed regulation is carried out with independently operating heating elements. In the presence of a modulating circuit is attached to the rheostat, which gradually changes the strength of the current.

Equipment selection unit is carried out in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the homeowner.

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