How to choose a DSLR camera?

How to choose a DSLR camera

How to choose a DSLR camera? The choice of camera – not an easy task, but armed with the right knowledge, it is possible to cope with it without much difficulty. Before heading to the store for a purchase, you should determine what exactly you need is a device what tasks he should perform. The choice must be repelled from the responses received to these questions.

The concept of «good» the camera is quite wide, each user has its own requirements for this unit. For someone the main thing – compact and lightweight, the camera should easily fit into a pocket. Someone needs a professional device with many settings.

The most popular at the moment SLR cameras, they have a high image quality, high speed, and have numerous settings.

SLRs are professional, semi-professional and Amateur, so to choose the right model will every fan.

When choosing a camera you need to pay attention to a number of parameters, discussed below.

Price SLR

Price SLR depends on how much it has different settings of how finely you can adjust the camera for photographing in various conditions.

Manufacturers DSLRs

You need to pay attention to the manufacturer, it is better to buy models of well-known brands: Canon, Nikon, Sony. In the same series, you can add Pentax and Sigma. What manufacturer is better, hard to say, each of these brands are quite famous and has a great quality camera models.

Lens selection

If you are a beginner then the standard lens that comes in the kit to the camera is enough, if in the process of photography becomes clear that something in him is not enough, it can be easily replaced. You need to pay attention to focal length of the lens, for lover fit a lens with a focal length of 18-55, for more advanced users should choose this option more. There is a huge choice of lenses and gain experience, you will be able to understand what exactly you need for your specific type of photography.

Matrix camera

Another important parameter, which is responsible for the quality of the photographs. You need to look at the sensor size and the resolution. Enough 10-12 megapixels of resolution to ensure that images were obtained of good quality. Great resolution of the matrix – rather a publicity stunt producers. The physical size of the matrix is also important, the big matrix gets more light and, consequently, the obtained with a large number of shades more colorful. Therefore, in this case it is preferable to use a large matrix.

The sensitivity matrix

Another important parameter, the larger it is, the better the perceived light matrix. That is a high ISO allows you to take clear pictures in the dark, but you may receive a «digital» noise in the dark areas of the image.

Image stabilizer and speed

In addition to these parameters, need to pay attention to the image stabilizer, which allows you to get a clear picture even if shaking hands, and speed.

The last point is very important, the more frames per second can make the camera, the more chances to fix an important picture. Especially speed is important when shooting kids, Pets, birds, which usually do not wait to photograph it, and rapidly change their position.

Have SLR cameras, it has its disadvantages – they are relatively large and are more expensive than other cameras but the picture quality and the ability to customize the device to take photographs under any conditions do these shortcomings are not as significant.

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