How to choose a drill. The guide of the consumer

How to choose a drill. The guide of the consumer

Some people when buying drills, a lot of questions, and have doubts how to choose a drill. This article will definitely help to determine the choice of drill.

Which drill to choose?

A regular customer, entered the store, confronted with the problem of how to choose drill, because of the wide variety of tool dazzled, but some sellers suggest the more expensive instruments, explaining that they are better, and specific information can not give.

Choosing a shop drill holes in the walls, it is necessary to know for what purpose certainly buy the tool for home use with variable loads or for professional.


To buy the tool better known and honored brand. The market is quite a lot of course unknown manufacturers, is their products meet all standards, but still buying tools need to be confident in the service and availability of spare parts.

Engine power

There are drills with different capacity of engines, from 300 to 900 watts. Considering household tool, very suitable drill with a power of about 500-600 watts. Drills , of course with more power used for drilling holes with large diameters and heavy loads, also, they are very dimensional.

Varieties of drills

Besides the usual drills in the market also has a hammer drill, of course, they do not have the striking force of the hammer, however, such a tool will help to make a hole in a brick or concrete wall of course. For holes in wood, metal and of course plastic, impact the function of course can be disabled. The advantage of this variant for home use in stock, you can not buy a drill with a hydropercussion machine.

As use electric drills and cordless screwdrivers, but due to their mobility and destination, they have low speed and weak engine power. This option is perfect for medium holes in wood and plastic, but to cope with heavy loads this tool can not.

It should also pay attention to the Chuck to clamp drill bits. A Chuck in which the clamping of the drill is done with a key, it is considered more practical than clamping. But this cartridge has a disadvantage, in chance to lose the key.

Nowadays, almost all high-quality electric drill equipped with a reverse function drill (Reverse), as well as the adjustment of the rotation speed. Of course, the speed of rotation of such tools depends on the strength of pressing the start button, this feature allows you to not only drill, but to twist the screws.

The body of the drill

On quality tool case should be made of impact resistant plastic, for better heat transfer in the engine casing must be made of metal. You need to pay attention to the details of the fit of the casing, the ergonomics of the handle and inspect the plastic slide for the tool popped out of his hands.


For home use a perfect drill with a mechanical drummer, with a capacity of 600 watts. The enclosure should be shock-resistant and ergonomic. The tool needs to be well-known manufacturer, with a guarantee of service. One question about how to choose a drill was less. Good shopping and a pleasant experience.

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