How to choose a dining table for the kitchen to accommodate the whole family


Dining table for the kitchen – a piece of furniture that you bought «forever». It needs to last a long time, like all members of the family, be suitable for use during the reception. When choosing the dining table draw attention to the size, shape, countertop, design of the room. The dining table should be beautiful and comfortable.

Comfort at the table

The man behind the table occupies a certain space. Its optimal size calculated physiologists.

  • The width of the table depends on how many people at the same time will be dinner: 60 cm / person. On the table should lie Cutlery, placed in a dish. This should be provided. For devices and snacks leaving 30-35 cm Too narrow, the table will constrain the movement of the person, and over a wide table will be uncomfortable to communicate.
  • To sit at the table, you should consider the depth of planting. Physiologists assign this value 40 cm
  • The length of the table depends on the number of seated people and from the size of the kitchen. The room should be enough free space. For small kitchens offers not table, while the table top that can be removed or installed by lunch time.

The shape of the countertop

Most often, choose dining tables with rectangular or square top. Such models of dining tables are popular in standard kitchens. Furniture set against a wall or in a corner. To acquire living room tables with a round top. They are spacious, original, and communication at the round table more open.

  • For a family of 4 people will be enough table size 90*90 cm
  • If a family of 8 people or often come to visit, you can opt for a rectangular table size 200*110 cm
  • Also, up to eight people fit at a round table with a diameter of 1.5 m.
  • Increasingly popular tables with an oval top. They are comfortable in large kitchens and living-dining rooms. This table can be put against the wall, freeing up space to move around or leave in the middle of the room, emphasizing its design.

For small spaces: kitchens or living rooms, get the tables «transformers». They won’t take up much space, it is good to use as a coffee table or a table for tea. When the whole family is going, «transformers» could quickly become a dining table larger.

What material to choose

  • The most inexpensive table made of laminated chipboard, but the material is not resistant to shocks and moisture. A couple of years on the table will be chipped. Moisture from the top may be deformed.
  • MDF – the material is available and reliable. In its properties a modified plate close to the tree.
  • A wooden table is expensive, but it will brighten every interior. Sitting at a wooden table comfortable, but the material is unstable to moisture. Wooden dining tables, impregnated with a moisture-resistant compositions. The most precious and durable will be the Desk made from oak.
  • Table with glass top will visually expand the room. The material use toughened glass, resistant to high temperatures and mechanical stress.

Depending on the design and financial capabilities, you can purchase a table with top made of stone or decorated with mosaics. Original and easy will look rattan table, but it should cover the top of glass.

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