How to choose a coffee maker – useful tips

How to choose a coffee maker knows not everyone. Before buying any product home, including coffee machines, people often get lost in the huge assortment of products and make mistakes, relying only on external/attractive pricing or succumbing to advertising techniques. Really need to know a few basic principles of correct purchase.

Select the type of coffee maker

Which is right for You? For each variety of coffee (espresso, cappuccino etc.) there is a huge selection of «gadgets» for cooking:

  1. Drip coffee makers (filter) (for us fans)
  2. Carob (espresso, cappuccino with a fluffy foam)
  3. Capsule coffee makers (similar to carob, but use coffee capsules)
  4. Caltowie coffee makers
  5. Automatic coffee machine
  6. Geyser coffee maker (mocha)
  7. Electro-Turks

1. Drip coffee brewer. Is the most common and affordable model. The principle of work lies in the following: water is poured into a special heat-resistant bowl and warm up. Heated to 90ᵒs water (drop by drop; hence the name), passes through ground coffee beans. After going through a container of ground coffee that eventually ends up in the coffee pot or cups.

Coffee makers from different manufacturers can differ in the following ways:

  • The type of control (manual, pushbutton)
  • Power (from 330 to 1,000 W)
  • Volume of water tank
  • Types of coffee filters (paper, nylon, gold)
  • Additional functions: «drop – stop», backlight, indicator, which indicates the amount of water, auto-shutdown, the possibility of selecting the size of the portions, adjusting the coffee strength, protection from transfusion

If you decide to choose a drip coffee maker, be aware that making coffee this way can take quite some time (water droplets passes through a container of ground coffee) and the aroma of the beverage will be different (no time to get enough of essential oils grains).

2. Coffee carob. The name of this, is also very popular model, purchased that, instead filters are special horns, which is filled with ground coffee, the volume is much less than for drip. These coffee makers allow you to prepare coffee in a relatively quick time they are called espresso coffee makers available on the market in two varieties:

  • Normal
  • Pump

The difference lies in the fact that in the usual carob coffee makers, the water turns to vapor when boiled and then passes under pressure through the filter, which is a little discolor taste (for boiling water). When the pump is not, since the pressure pump, a special pump, not by the pair and the water temperature is 90-92°C, and coffee is a more «correct»

Coffee makers from different manufacturers may differ in:

  • The pressure with which the water is fed into the filter with coffee (from 7 to 15 bar)
  • The presence of small (comes in manual and automatic and gives you the opportunity to make gorgeous milk foam)
  • The presence of additional functions (foaming milk, sealer coffee in the horn, overheat protection)
  • Power
  • Capacity
  • The possibility of using coffee in special packs – pods
  • Equipment (spoon, pestle , detachable stand for easy cleaning, removable filter holder)
  • Control type

Using Rozhkova coffee serves not only coffee «espresso» flavored «cream» on the surface, but also a huge variety of options on its basis, however, it should be borne in mind that needs a special coffee grinding.

3. Capsule coffee makers. The basic idea is similar to carob cars, so many characteristics they are similar. A distinctive feature is the need to load special sealed capsules of coffee. During operation, a special needle pierces the capsule with the coffee inside. Through this needle is fed under pressure heated water. Worked capsule is removed in a special compartment. The advantage of capsule models have the ability to disable automatically and the function of self-cleaning.

Different models can be differences in:

  • The possibility of cooking options dairy drinks, tea and various herbal infusions.
  • Power
  • Pressure pump
  • Container capacity used «thick» coffee
  • The presence of additional features (automatic removal of used capsules descaling the lock will work without capsules, and so on)

4. Caltowie coffee makers. Similar in principle to operate the capsule machine, just not loaded capsules and pods – disposable packing from the filter paper with inside the compacted ground coffee.

When you purchase Calloway machine, should pay attention to the fact that often they can only work on the pods from the manufacturer or recommended by them. Others cannot be used: or drink are delicious, or the machine is generally clogged.

5. Automatic coffee machines. This is the most convenient, but expensive model. For the user the whole procedure of cooking is pressing buttons with the selected option of the drink. The principle of operation is the same as in espresso (carob) coffee makers, only the process and, accordingly, all functions are fully automated. This coffee maker offers the possibility of making a huge number of dining options for every taste. May be suitable not only for home but also for cafes.

When you choose automatic coffee machines on the website nadavi/src/95/krups/src-39.php note that to make coffee in a coffee maker is not recommended to use flavoured varieties. The smell of them will long remain in the grinder, and will provide a taste of other coffees.

6. Geyser coffee maker (mocha). This is the most simple coffee makers and can be of two types: electric and heated on the stove.

The principle of operation is that when heated to boiling water expands and flows into the container, where due to the funnel shape creates increased pressure. Continuing to heat up, the water moves up, begins to boil and the steam force is pushed to the top reservoir. The drink is ready. When choosing to pay attention to:

  • Option keep warm setting, digital timer, automatic shutdown
  • The presence of containers for milk
  • Power
  • The volume
  • Material (metal, glass)

If You stop your choice at buying coffee makers geyser type, please note that the device works only with the full download: if designed for 4 cups, and cook will come each time it is a number. The advantages include a fairly short cooking time – no more than 5 minutes.

7. Electro-Turks. Allow to cook Turkish coffee in exactly the same way as in a conventional coffee pot and is a heat-resistant bowl (plastic, metal), mounted on the heating element. Coffee and water are filled simultaneously during manual cooking. The cooking process is similar to boiling water in the electric kettle. But without automatic disconnection.

When choosing the most appropriate model. You should pay attention to:

  • Power (500 to 1000 W)
  • The volume of cooking vessels

Unfortunately, such coffee makers don’t have the auto off function, so monitor the degree of readiness of the drink out for yourself.

Whatever kind of coffee You choose, always have fun with coffee!

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