How to choose a chandelier in the living room

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

How to choose a chandelier in the living room? The chandelier in the living room can be considered her «calling card». Beautiful chandelier, meet all the parameters, makes the room unique, and poorly chosen can ruin even the most luxurious interior.

The first mistake, which may allow the buyer the choice – orientation solely on the appearance of the chandelier. If the chandelier is beautiful in itself, does not mean that it will suit your room.

The style of the interior

Stylish chandelier in the first place does not match the fashion and style of your living room. If the room interior is executed in classical traditions, the crystal chandelier will be the perfect solution. Also suitable for lamps of colored glass with a metal or brass base.

The style of hi-tech supports geometric shapes in the interior, so it will suit square metal corner glass chandeliers. Find many of these models, you can online linija-svitla/lyustry-2.htm.

If you adhere to the mixed style in your living room, it is appropriate to buy a special chandelier of the direction of fusion. They always stand out in stores with its brightness.

For those who want to create in your room or the intimate, even mystical atmosphere, perfect chandeliers in the style of «Gothic». They have the form of candles, which already requires interior to comply with all the rules of style. These chandeliers looks perfect in the living room with a fireplace.

The size of your living room

For small living rooms do not pick up the bulky chandelier – it will look ridiculous. On the contrary, like a tiny chandelier would be lost in a spacious room. And not necessarily adhere to the «Golden mean». Simply enough to remember a common rule: the more living, the more could be the chandelier.

Need to make measurements to observe all proportion. The diameter of the chandelier revealed the future by simply computing the width and the length of the room in metres are added and multiplied by 10. The resulting number is taken in centimeters the diameter of the desired chandelier. For example, if the length and width of 7, 5 meters, the chandelier should have a diameter of 120 centimeters.


The functionality of a chandelier is an important factor when choosing. I feel that the lighting in the room was high quality, and this is particularly important for the living room.

Power lamps must be at least 15 watts per 1 square meter. It is especially nice when the eye has no direct light and a discreet canopy. For this fit frosted or tinted material, or when the constant bright light, eyes will get tired. It should take into account the colors in the interior, it is not recommended to overdo it with the shade, if the room is dominated by the furniture and walls dark colors.

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