How to choose a bathtub — a guide consumer

How to choose a bathtub - a guide consumer

How to choose a bathtub? Today, a glance at the diversity we offer a variety of items in the plumbing does not understand all the intricacies of the sanitary science of a human head can go round and round. For those wishing to purchase a tub in the plumbing shop is a wide range of different materials. However, all the abundance of the baths may be reduced to three materials, respectively, three types of products. Namely, the bath of steel, cast iron or acrylic. However, despite seeming much more light-weight choice problems the person who is going to make repairs, have not diminished. The answer to the question, which of the baths is better to find and not very easy as it might seem. Because each material has its advantages and disadvantages that you will need to pay special attention before purchasing.

The pros and cons of acrylic baths

One of the most widespread and at the same time one of the most modern options of bathroom arrangement, of course, is the acrylic bath. Due to modern technologies, industrial designers are able to implement their ideas of creating the plumbing for the bathroom in real life. Acrylic bathtubs have a beautiful exterior, quiet, able to keep the heat in. These baths can be found on the website of the robins/santehnika.

In a word, possess all that can be easily attributed to the epithet for the practice.

Steel bath and its quality

If you throw a glance at competitor’s acrylic bath – tub, made of steel, the striking advantages such as low price, light weight, which is important when transporting and installing the bath on their own, as well as modern design. But of course, steel tub has its drawbacks, among them is a very good thermal conductivity, which clearly becomes a disadvantage if you decided to relax in the tub with warm water for another hour or so, additionally it is easy to bend under the weight of the human body and creates a unpleasant noise when it is filling.

Cast iron tub – a classic of the genre

Cast iron is known for the fact that he is a long time, are subject to wear poorly. Unlike steel tubs product weight made of cast material, often reach and even exceed a hundred pounds, which is not always convenient during transportation. On the other hand, how often it is necessary to transport the tub after its initial installation in the bathroom? Plus cast iron bath in its ability to retain heat and low noise.

In any case, buying a bathtub is a decision of each individual, because ultimately make the decision only to him. Based on objective data and your own preferences it is possible to make such a choice, which you will not have to regret during the whole period of use of the bath.

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