How to choose a bath: buyer’s guide

To decide which bath to choose, as the most significant functional element for the bathroom is a challenge. With the wide range offered by the producers, it’s easy to get confused with the selection. There are recommendations on how to choose a bathtub.

How to choose a bathtub?

Select the place of purchase

First and foremost, you need to decide where to buy their plumbing. Those who can’t waste time on long search, there are online stores where you can find the perfect model for your interior, and get answers to all the questions and make a purchase with home delivery.


Next, you should think carefully, how to choose a bathtub acrylic or steel. Now it could be one of three types of raw materials:

  • Cast iron;
  • Steel;
  • Acrylic.

All materials are equally popular, but choices are influenced by a number of factors. For example, a steel bath in demand by people who want to save or not the budget allows. Such models are 4-5 thousand rubles.

For acrylic model manufacturers take a great price of 6-7 thousand rubles, but in performance it will be much better. For example, in acrylic, as well as in the iron water cools very slowly, no more than one degree in half an hour. So pleasant and comfortable water treatments will be provided for a long time.

Iron, in turn, is more expensive than all other alternatives and for good reason. Cast iron is strong, durable and resistant to mechanical impact.

Form bath is an important factor

The following criteria that must be present in the decision-making process about buying a bath is the shape and size of the model. For example, the most common variant models dimensions – 170 x 80 cm This is a classic rectangular bath, which is quite easy to wash, but it does not take much space.

If the area of a larger bathroom, then you can consider acrylic bath 140h140 that will be a perfect addition to a classic or retro style. Due to the fact that they have an almost square or round shape, such models take up More space.

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