How to celebrate the holiday of lovers?

How to celebrate the holiday of lovers?

On the eve of Valentine’s day celebration, couples are wondering how and where to celebrate the holiday. In cold cold want warmth and romance, so lovers try to this day to be together and give warmth to each other.

The history of the holiday of all lovers

The holiday of lovers is dedicated to a priest named Valentine, which was connected with a loving heart and secretly married lovers. During the Roman Empire ruled the Emperor issued a decree forbidding soldiers to marry, because they believed that they will think more about loved ones and families, not about the glory of the Roman Empire.

But love is not afraid of any obstacles! I found a man who is not afraid of power, secretly joined the marriage Union of loving each other people. On hearing this, the Emperor ordered the execution of a priest. Even then Saint Valentine was in love with the daughter of the jailer and wrote her a love note signed at the end «Your Valentine». Note the girl read after the execution. February 14, Valentine was executed and since then, the lovers on this day, write each other notes with declarations of love, called Valentines, and celebrate Valentine’s day.

Restaurant or cafe – a classic of the genre, live music, candles, bottle of champagne, a light dinner will create a romantic atmosphere. Tip: pre-book a table for two.

Going to the movies. Usually on February 14 cinemas show romantic Comedy. Tip: don’t forget to buy your ticket in advance.

Celebrate at home or at the hotel. If you spent the whole day at work, then of course you just want to relax and lie down in a warm bed. Enjoy your dinner, not to spend the time to cook or visit a restaurant together Smolensk. Take a relaxing bath together with scented candles, rose petals and glasses of wine. Tip: to feel the festive atmosphere, decorate with hearts, helium balloons in the shape of hearts, roses, angels.

Celebrate in the fresh air. If you enjoy active holiday, you can go ice skating, walk around the city and to visit meaningful places, alone or with friends to leave the city and go sledding, skiing. Tip: bring a warm blanket. After an active day light the fireplace, pour some hot cocoa, and wrapped together in a warm blanket, enjoy a pleasant moment.

A romantic journey. If finances allow, an unforgettable memory will be traveling to another country or to the sea. After all, in the middle of February frost, hunting a lot of sun and heat. Tip: in the confusion of moving, don’t forget to give your sweetheart a Valentine with declarations of love.

Sometimes not so important where, with whom and how to celebrate Valentine’s day. The main thing that you loved, were loved and carried by this great feeling through the years!

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