How to celebrate first birthday?

How to celebrate the first anniversary of the child?

A year has passed since then, as a little bundle of blue or pink ribbon came from the hospital and settled in your cozy room. And like it was yesterday! No time to look back, helpless baby has become one year old child. It has changed a lot during these 12 months, was so independent, curious, playful, funny. Naturally, parents want to celebrate the first birthday so that everybody was happy. It is unlikely your child will remember this event, but after a few years he will be able to watch pictures or video from your first birthday. Usually 1 year of the child celebrated at home. Indeed, in the midst of the party the birthday boy may want to take a NAP, and the guests will be not so much to the point to cover the whole room in a children’s café.

The time of the celebration you need to choose in accordance with the mode of children’s day that he was cheerful and happy. The whole event will last 2-3 hours, again depends on the activity of your baby.

Usually to small birthday guests come close relatives and family friends. It is not necessary to arrange a Grand entertainment program with clowns, dancing, noisy games. The kid may be fearful of unusual fun, will sulk and constantly ask to my mother in his arms.

When the baby’s crib is in the common room, it is decorated with beads. You can hang paper chains with the number «1». If parents have a decent financial ability, you have the option to order professional photo and video. Today photoshoot kids is quite acceptable, so let it almost every. And when the budget is modest, you can do on their own. The camera is now in almost every mobile device.

As entertainment of guests, in addition to treats, you can make a photo slide show or movie of the first year of your child’s life. Many moms make a gallery on the walls of the room with a funny photo. You can arrange a contest «Spot the 5 similarities» with mom and dad.

If you want to give year-old man a toy, it needs to be focused on the development of walking skills, motor skills, speech. For example, various wheelchairs, musical and light toy to help kids learn animals, colours and sounds. Packages always put the minimum age for which will fit this product. This will help not to be mistaken with a choice.

The culmination of the celebration can be a ceremony of cutting off locks of hair of the child. This strand moms usually keep a lifetime. You can also make a cast or imprint of the hands and feet of the baby. All the tools sold within walking distance. Obtained the relic can keep or give to grandparents. You do not need extra wisdom, and the holiday went like clockwork.

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