How to care for your feet

How to care for your feet

About how to care for your feet correctly you know not all. Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful legs. Especially sharply this question rises in summer, when feet in front of everyone. Any changes on the skin of your feet, and especially stop talking about health problems.

If you notice cracks, any redness or change, it is better to consult a specialist. Since this is the first signs of disease.

Just want to note, never wear tight and synthetic shoes. Since this is the first step to acquiring fungal diseases.

Before you begin procedures, you need to carefully clean the skin of your feet. Simple foot washing with various detergents little, you need to do special foot bath. For this purpose, herbal teas and a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Herbs can be used different. Celandine, field chamomile, you can use the oak bark. A decoction of the bark and a weak solution of manganese will help to get rid of unpleasant aroma and will reduce the sweating of your feet.

The next step is to clean the skin from dead and keratinized skin. Horny patches on the skin of the feet appear, and in women, and men, therefore, monitor the health of your feet is all you need. For this you need to use a different brush to clean the feet and pumice. After using special devices need to use different scrubs and cleansing creams. They will help to more thoroughly clean the skin of your feet. After these washing procedures, the legs should be warm with warm and soft socks. Then, after some time, the legs should be lubricated with a special softening and moisturizing creams. Don’t forget to get a pedicure. Every day in the summer, must use moisturizing and nourishing cosmetic products. As in the summer time, the skin of the feet, especially the skin of the feet prone to dryness. Should therefore be given to the health of your feet in the summer a lot of attention.

Feet our feet are very sensitive and certain areas related to the internal organs. If you want your legs were always healthy, do not do without a massage for your feet. You also need to do relaxing exercises for the legs. To do this, sitting or lying down you need to raise your legs and stay in this position for at least 15 minutes. This should be done as often as possible. To improve blood circulation, because the main load for the entire day on my feet. Especially for lovers of heels.

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