How to care for shingles

How to care for shingles

Shingles one of the most modern types of roofing not only residential, but also industrial facilities. Having a lot of colour and structural decisions, it is able to satisfy even the most capricious decorative requests, and its natural basis is very much appreciated by supporters of eco-style. Learn more and buy shingles at an affordable price in Kiev, You can visit the company «Gidrolayn».

Not so long ago appeared in Ukraine, shingles easily conquered the markets of roofing materials of large and small cities. Being practically a versatile material due to its structure and layering, it combines all the necessary characteristics of high-quality and durable roof with decorative possibilities. In order to understand how best the roof bitukas today, you should learn some of its characteristics.

Than a good shingles

  • Low weight – the quality of which You must remember during transportation and installation. The average is 5 kg per 1 sq. m., which is almost 8 times less weight of roof tiles made of artificial materials.
  • The lack of a large amount of waste after installation – especially advantageous in the installation of complex roofs.
  • Practically not subject to corrosion is another plus in favor of natural materials, which greatly prolongs the life of the product.
  • Resistant to different nutrient environments – namely, mosses, lichens, and fungi. Very easy care of a roof and prevents the natural process of decay and decomposition.
  • Does not conduct electricity, does not need the lightning rod – good news for those who are afraid of entering the house of a zipper.
  • Has excellent water resistance– will not absorb or transmit moisture, becoming a perfect protection of the premises from moisture.
  • Good resistance to different temperatures allows equally well use it in countries with different climate and weather conditions.
  • Chemical resistant endures contact with corrosive chemicals, so no acid rain not afraid of You.
  • Not afraid of the geometrical defects of the roof is able to cope with any types of deformations that invariably arise in the process of shrinkage of the structure and shrinkage stropilnoj design. If the damage occurred to repair it without any special effort, as all the elements of a roof are interchangeable and have a relatively small size.
  • Has good sound insulation properties – a real gift for those who can’t sleep when the storm is raging. Hail and rain sounds under a roof almost inaudible.


How to care for shingles

No matter how strong was not even flexible roof needs proper care will prolong its service life.

  • Cleaning the roof of snow, you should not do it. So as not to damage the top layer of the roof, it is better to leave a few inches of snow that will come down himself.
  • Attacking the leaves and other debris should be scrubbed with a brush, trying to act carefully, so as not to damage the integrity of the external cover.
  • Wash the shingles of bitumen is recommended at least once a year. This can be done with plain water, without the use of additional cleaning agents.

These and many other tips will give You any expert having experience with a soft roof. The company Gidrolayn will be happy to help You not only correctly select the most suitable type of shingles, but also provide its services for its quality installation and laying in Kiev and beyond. Putting customer trust first, we take care to ensure that any work was done perfectly, on time and at affordable prices.


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