How to care for curtains

How to care for curtains

Everyone has long known that interior without decorated Windows will not be finished. Curtains can transform a living room to add comfort and colour. When the curtains are already selected, it remains only to hang right behind them to care. From proper care, primarily affects the appearance of the curtains, and then, as a consequence, their service life. In this article we will tell you how to care for curtains.

The choice of fabrics for window decorations should be guided by what room they will be used. For example, if there is a kitchen, fabric for curtains you need to buy a dense texture, as such curtains will often be erased. Only we must remember that in the denser tissues accumulate more household dust. The ideal solution would be the acquisition of cotton fabric. For children’s rooms is better to choose a lighter fabric, as they do not so much absorb dust and odors, and since Laundry will also be frequent, they are not deformed. It is also better to do without the heavy night curtains, it is a known dust boxes. The fabric did not sit down after washing, especially if it is pleated blinds, it is necessary to briefly soak in water, and when sewing is boring to leave some allowance, as a result of frequent washings, it will still be hooked.

When washing curtains, it is best to use a gentle cycle and extra rinse. So if the fabric will remain a powder or air, under the sunlight of the fabric can fade. It is also not recommended to wash at high temperatures and pressing on the large turnover of curtains, this can lead to their deformation. Powder is better to choose less aggressive.

To iron the curtains required with the use of the steamer, it is best if the fabric will be slightly damp. To avoid the formation of traces and creases from the iron between soleplate and the fabric, need to put a wet gauze cloth. The seams need to steam the same method.

Another method of care for the curtains is their ventilation. That is, the window open wide, better if it is a windy day, to open them you need several rooms to do a draft. Thus, the curtains billowing freely in the wind. This procedure is very refreshing curtains, the smell of dust, and also helps to get rid of it in the folds of the fabric. Is it possible to spend two or three times a month, this will be enough to maintain clean and fresh curtains. However, this option of cleaning is not always appropriate, especially in the winter cold season. Then an alternative to washing can be an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It is possible to vacuum curtains, only use a special nozzle that will not damage the fabric. Now there are many devices for cleaning curtains on site. For example, the steamer with the functions of disinfection and cleaning cloth. It can be used without removing the curtains from the baguette. This cleaning removes all the impurities, and refresh and stripped curtains. It is very convenient, the truth is, this equipment is not cheap.

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