How to care for cats

How to care for cats

How to care for cats according to all the rules, know far not all owners of these adorable Pets. The most favorite pet people have always had a cat or a dog. Today we will discuss the basic rules of care for cats. Many of us having Pets, especially not thinking about how to care for them. Few people study literature on this issue. And it should be done. After all, knowing your pet a lot of information, it is possible to extend his life, full of joy and health.

First of all, you should not rely blindly on any source of information – be it a book or article on the Internet. You should always rely on their experience, intuition and feelings. It is important to determine the purposes for which You have a cat, who it will be, the Comforter, the little therapist, a hunter of mice or just a friend. Read the reviews of those who already have a cat at home and the stories about them, in order to understand whether you want such an animal. So, to raise a smart, friendly cat, you should follow certain rules.

First, talk to the cat gently, let her know that You love her and respect. Second, give her as much attention and control. Of course, it is not necessary to overdo it – you need to distinguish the real needs of pet from its whims. Thirdly, as any other living creature in this huge world need my own space, my things. Make sure that the cat was his toys, devices for sharpening claws, a convenient toilet, constant access to feed and need your flower on the windowsill.

The important point is feeding the pet. Don’t forget to give food in the afternoon and evening so that the cat does not prevent You to sleep at night. Any host should be remembered that cats do not like compulsion, and even more abuse. Beat in any case it is impossible for the reason that the body of cats with low threshold of sensitivity. Moreover, cats often just don’t understand the reason for the punishment. On account of castration there are different opinions. But, if You still decided neutered (spayed) cat, it is best to do it at the age from nine months to two years. Vaccinations – also matter. It all depends, contact whether Your cat from potentially dangerous things, from which you can catch various diseases or not.

In conclusion, I would like to note that any living creature, be it cat, dog or man, gently treat it with respect, understanding and love. Love your Pets!

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