How to buy sandwich panel

How to buy sandwich panel

Sandwich panel, a kind of «sandwich construction», consisting of three layers of insulation in the middle and two outer, which often are the metal sheets, although it can be called other options. For example, OSB, plastic or steklomanija.

Sandwich panel

Sandwich panels have a fairly large size – about one meter in width and 16 meters in length. Making length no longer makes sense due to difficulties in transportation. Accordingly, the construction process is the installation of the panels on the frame, and connections between them, is much easier and faster than, for example, in the construction of a brick building. Panels installed both horizontally and vertically.

The use of such material in the construction industry – from the erect commercial and office centers, warehouses and terminals, car washes and garages, greenhouses and other similar structures. In recent years, these comfortable designs began to be applied in private housing construction, because they allow you to build houses very quickly, simply and inexpensively. It is not surprising that a growing number of private owners and entrepreneurs and representatives of big business, the question arises about how and where to buy sandwich panels.

But before you do a direct search of the company in which you want to apply, you need to consider that the sandwich panels can be of three types, depending on the insulation that they use.

The first option is mineral wool. The advantages include the non-inflammability of the material. However, as practice shows, not all mineral wool products can boast of this property due to the use by some manufacturers of additional components that tend to burn.

The main disadvantage of mineral wool – high hygroscopicity, that is, it is hard to absorb moisture, including from the air. Here we can draw an analogy with ordinary wool, familiar to all of us.

Swollen from water mineral wool is much worse to cope with heat problems or not dealing with them at all. Meanwhile, in sodden wool begins to appear mold and fungus, bacteria, and is unlikely to cause positive emotions. Therefore, in the construction of the sandwich panels with mineral wool must very strictly monitor the leakproofness of the joints, otherwise a quick processing secured.

Also, a big question minvatnym environmentally friendly sandwich panels. The above-mentioned impregnation are usually manufactured from phenolic compounds. In addition, the structure of the mineral wool so that, over time, from exposed surfaces begin to stand out tiny particles – microscopic fibers, which are a powerful allergen.

These factors have a very negative impact on the ecological houses built from components containing mineral wool.

The second type – with the polystyrene, the most famous kind of foam rubber. Moisture is not afraid, when it is ingested it swells, but is a fragile material, and when exposed to fire, emit hazardous substances.

Sandwich panels of polyurethane foam

The third type is made of polyurethane foamor polyurethane foam. No fear of water, respectively, mold, bacteria, and rodents,they do not start. Kind of PUF, PIR is self-extinguishing and does not support combustion. The material is strong, durable, resistant to temperature and aggressive media.

There is another figure to which you should pay attention before you purchase a sandwich panel is the heat conduction coefficient. It depends on how well the material will hold heat or cold, in other words, the reliability of the walls. Comparing our «insulation», we get the following figures:0,058 W/(M*K) mineral wool 0,035 W/(M*K) -polystyrene, 0,022 W/(M*K) – in FPU. Without the calculators it is seen that the difference is quite big. In practice, this will affect the thickness of the sandwich panels necessary to solve those or other problems.

Finally, before you purchase a sandwich panel, it is necessary to determine the company with which to deal, as the quality of the products can be very different. Do not chase unnecessary cheapness, accurately communicate with brokers, read carefully about the activities of a company.

For example, a manufacturer of sandwich panels – the company Profkholod. She’s in the market for a long time, with its products built hundreds of objects on its own production in Moscow region have been strict quality control, Profholod cooperates only with reliable partners, proven reputation. Consider this, different companies, and then make conclusions, who is to buy sandwich panels, so as not to be disappointed in the consequences, but to appreciate these handy popular building design, for which, no doubt, a great future.

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