How to buy a house and not to be mistaken with a choice?

How to buy a house and not to be mistaken with a choice

In recent times residents of big cities prefer the bustle of the city quiet and comfortable cottage outside the city. They have a lot of advantages: clean air, high environmental compatibility of the environment, the opportunity to farm just under the Windows. However, not all are willing to invest energy, time and nerves to build a house, it is easier to buy ready-made. In order to buy a house and not be thus deceived and not later regret about the purchase, you can use the tips below.

Suppose you have already decided on the location and size of the desired house. This can be done on the house website.RIA. The next step will be the inspection and detection of defects.

There are different opinions about when it is better to inspect the house. In the summer you can fully appreciate the beauty of nature around, observing landscapes. Winter is clearly seen as a organized management in the housing sector as well clearing the roads. But still best to choose the house in the spring or fall – then you can see how it is reliable, does not leak if the roof is not whether the flooded basement.

The material from which built the house. In General, the selection depends on the budget and preferences of the consumer, but need to know the basic properties of materials. wood retains heat well, is environmentally friendly and good enough. But it is susceptible to mold and various pests, and fire. House of bricks – very strong and durable, but also the most expensive. Most popular materials – silicate and aerated concrete. They are relatively inexpensive, fairly reliable and not prone to fire.

Find out how well the house is insulated, which in this case used the materials and what thickness. The North region, the thicker must be the layer of insulation of walls, roof and Foundation. How should examine all the angles, the house should not be purged.

Pay attention to the window. Often when building a house for sale in order to save use the cheap and unreliable design. Immediately recognize the poor quality of installed Windows, checking for drafts – for example, holding a lit lighter or match. See also, the furniture, the frame is firmly attached.

Definitely need to test all the engineering systems: water supply, gas, electricity, heating. Test the outlets, lights, counter. Inspect the bathroom and a battery for leaks.

Before the transaction, ask the seller to provide all the documents to the house. You need to ensure that the building was erected in the framework of the law and all the norms. If the seller will avoid the inspection of documents or a thorough inspection of the house, he should not be trusted.

Most likely, the ideal housing is not there very quickly. But if You approach this seriously and responsibly, the life in the new home will be happy and carefree.

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