How to build a timber frame barn with their hands

How to build a timber frame barn with their hands

You have a beautiful country house, but there are no additional buildings near it such where you can put old clothes or tools, or to keep garden equipment? And order the construction of such facilities is expensive and gets in your pocket? Then look at how to build a timber frame barn with his own hands. Material for the construction will be wood frame.

Timber frame wood shed – popular outhouse

Many people today that cheap frame houses are built all over the planet. Positive feedback from residents about timber frame houses led to the fact that this technology has received such wide popularity due to its speed and practicality. However, the framing construction technology can be used not only to build houses but also of buildings used for household purposes, such as timber frame barn.

Frame shed with pent roof – this is not a temporary structure and building for use as storage for tools, or maybe even livestock, therefore, an important aspect of building a shed is choosing a location that will be under construction.

Some owners choose the location for building barns away from prying eyes, somewhere in the depths of his plot, or somewhere behind his house. Some, on the contrary, trying to frame a shed near the house, at any point, it was an easy and free access. For those who want to shed something to grow and it is possible to use it as a greenhouse in winter, will need sunlight, you need to build a barn in an open space, do not clutter up the tree. Such a shed need to be fitted with glass roof, for greater patency of the sunlight.

Once you have selected your space, you need to think about what the design of your shed you will be doing and make the project of the frame of the shed. It could just be the structure itself with a flat roof and walls without Windows, and can be a masterpiece of art built a house with Windows and a beautiful roof that will be, for example decoration for your yard.

Build timber frame barn

Before you begin construction, you need to determine the size of your future shed. Measure everything to the smallest detail, and mark with pegs the size of the site for construction. To build a shed on any kind of foundations, but is most commonly used pier Foundation.

Then on the prepared Foundation necessary to spread the frame rails of required size. Before that, the boards must be treated with special impregnation to avoid rotting and development of bark beetles and fungi. Next erected the vertical beams, to beams not falling, they need to strengthen good and sign outside. Produce after nailing the vertical boards which will serve as the walls of your timber frame barn. Then make wooden frames of the roof, and covering it all with varnish or paint, depending on how you decide and wish to obtain your shed.

Frame shed with your own hands video

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