How to build a sauna from a bar?

How to build a sauna from a bar

Bath from a bar is a great place to spend leisure time with health benefits. You can order the project and its implementation in construction firm. But sweating in a personally constructed the bath much more pleasant. And significant savings of the family budget is obvious.

The timber is the best material for bath

One of the most affordable materials for the construction of baths with their hands – a wooden beam. Built from quality timber, it will be reliable and durable construction.

Building better done in the third week of spring or summer, and harvesting of timber in winter. The tree needs to give the «lie down» within a month. For this purpose, the bars are stacked so as to provide natural air flow. The distance between adjacent workpieces is 5 see Unacceptable contact of wood with soil.

When buying lumber, you need to pay attention to the external signs that characterize high-quality material:

  1. The timber should be smooth, without cracks.
  2. Bluish spots on the surface of the wood indicate the beginning of the rotting material.
  3. Wormholes and traces of bugs makes unacceptable timber for construction.


Bath of timber has increased stress on the ground surface, therefore, the construction can be limited to laying a lightweight variant of the base, and lay the tape or drilled pile Foundation.

When you use a strip Foundation for bath, you can use a slightly deepened Foundation. For him on the perimeter of the future building digging a trench half a meter deep.

Soft ground requires backfill for the Foundation of a mixture of sand and gravel. Then installed and fixed in a removable mold from wooden boards.

Dense soil allows the casting of concrete directly into the ground. The formwork in this case, we need only the above-ground part of the Foundation. Enough height 20 cm, since a high plinth for the bath is also not necessary.

Bored Foundation will significantly save power in the excavation and amount of concrete mortar. Cement-sand mixture is only required for final fixing poles in the ground and pouring pile cap that connects the piles in a single structure.

The disadvantage of this Foundation is to installation of piles will require involvement of special equipment – drilling machines.

The construction and finish.

Foundation to 2 weeks, so the concrete has stiffened and the margin of safety. Then it is necessary to lay wreaths. The surface of the base is filled with bitumen and covered with waterproofing material (roofing material).

More expensive and reliable method is to lay across the base of wooden slats with a diameter of 1.5 cm Strips placed at a distance of 30 cm from each other, spread them on top of the 1st crown. The gap between the joists and the Foundation need to fill with foam.

The optimal material for the floor of the bath – larch. The second crown can be made from cheaper pine.

Union of crowns is performed by means of notching one of the following:

  • bowl half logs;
  • grooves on the entire thickness of the timber;
  • on a plug-in or native tongue.

The easiest method performed with a spike. For him with the chainsaw, make templates from bars on the basis of: the upper square pattern (20*20cm), side — trapezoid (the base and sides of 20 cm top – 100 cm).

First crown on the ground is not fixed as it is held in place under the weight of the bath. After laying the insulation is placed 2nd crown, which is fastened by means of pins or nails. The first 2 of the crown need to be impregnated with an antiseptic composition or refinement of petroleum products.

The third and following crowns plank of timber with a cross section size 15*15 cm, the Top pair of rows is not fixed, because after shrinkage of their disassemble for installation of the floor beams of the roof.

Roofing work is carried out only after shrinkage of which can reach 10 cm the Door and window frames are inserted in the frame at once. Otherwise, the holes may become distorted. The period of shrinkage is about six months.

When the frame is ready, the roof, the walls need to prokonopatit oakum, moss or jute. The insulation is rolled into a bundle and tightly hammer into the cracks.

Bath of the timber requires no external finishing. Wall is enough to handle the stain or paint.

If the structure comes into dissonance with the design of the garden and house, a bath can be plastered, decorated with stone or siding. The interior baths are usually clapboard or OSB.

Bath of the timber — a reliable, environmentally friendly and economical construction.

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