How to build a sandbox with his own hands

How to build a sandbox with his own hands

Increasingly, people began to think about the child’s leisure time in the garden. Good for kids to spend time outdoors, it is important that they were busy with something interesting and educational. From an early age children are taught to play in the sandbox. It encourages the development of motor skills of hands and brain, raises the mood and brings with nature. It is possible to build a sandbox with their hands, only with a little effort. The cost will be minimal, and you can create an original and unique play area in the sand.


The advantages of the sandbox for a child

Play in the sandbox with the child, you can start from the year, the main thing to make sure the boy didn’t put sand in your mouth. Fingering the small grains of sand the child develops motor skills of hands, a compilation of various sculptures, develops imagination.

The materials needed to build the sandbox with his own hands

  • plank of wood and bricks;
  • plastic canvas;
  • the brush with paint, linseed oil;
  • cleaned river sand;
  • tools (hammer, nails, shovel, tape measure and drill).

Now proceed directly to the construction of the sandbox in the country. Work will proceed in several stages. Let’s consider each individually:

  1. You should select the location for the sandbox. It must be placed in partial shade and be clearly visible from the house or garden . Next, you need to remove the top layer of soil(approximately 50 cm) , and in the centre dig a hole to a depth of about 60 cm, diameter 40 cm
  2. Into the pit is filled with gravel to create a drainage layer for fast water drainage.
  3. In the few inches necessary to put a layer of sand, and placed on top of the plywood, or plastic with holes. Thus, the land is not to be mixed with sand.
  4. From boards made the Board for the sandbox. Need four Board size 170 cm, 30 cm, and four bars of size 45 x 5 x 5 see Every detail must be carefully sanded and covered with varnish.
  5. The last stage is the markup, and buried the bars in the corner of the sandbox to a depth of about 15 cm, then nailed him to the horizontal and skirting boards.
  6. The decor of the sandbox, paints and varnish, is carried out in dry weather. After drying, filled with clean sand.

If your hands do not grow out of the place, you can always buy ready-made children’s sandpit or a Playground.

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