How to build a house?

How to build a house?

How to build a house? The question of building a new home is not as simple as it may seem. And it’s not just construction issues. In fact, besides the erection of walls and roof need to follow some accepted rules in our society.

First of all, you should select the site for construction. In this selection, you have complete freedom location near shops, kindergartens, schools, closeness to water bodies, and other similar matters. Once the choice is made you need to contact local authorities to obtain permission for design, then go to the architectural Department for the data to design and then to municipal services for the technical conditions of engineering communications. All of this needs to go before the start of the design house. After all these trials and tribulations can be directly engaged in the project. Provided that you have an architectural education it can be done yourself, or otherwise turn to professional architects. A great choice will be the architectural Bureau Reform. Experienced architects can design the perfect project home that will meet all your wishes, but also tell the sequence of stages of its construction. Approximate order of construction we present next.

The visits to different institutions is not the end – once the design is completed we go on the same circle, only in reverse order. First the utility and then the self-governing body. And as a result we receive long-awaited resolution.

Once you have a permit to build a house, you can proceed directly to the construction.

Start with the basics at home – its Foundation. He needs to pay special attention, as mistakes in the tab is very difficult to fix later. This part of the house will experience the maximum load, and therefore the foundations do not save. Its dimensions – width and depth will depend on many parameters. Is the wall thickness and the material from which they are made, the total area of the house and its height (number of floors). And of course don’t forget about the good waterproofing, which will depend not only on the durability of the building and the comfort inside your home. The Foundation of the house after the fill must settle. By the time this process takes from several months to six months. The Foundation needs to be maintained in filled condition before the waterproofing. This is done in order to have a house sunk in the ground before the erection of the walls and thus it is possible to prevent the formation of cracks. Also, during the shrinkage, it cannot be loaded.

After the Foundation is ready, you can start building the walls. This process is very long depends on the materials that are used. Making the choice between brick walls and monolithic construction with the use of fixed blocks of polystyrene, it is better to stay on the second option. You will save on heat and noise – isolation, and also will be able to perform this part of the work.

When the box is kicked, you can start the roofing. Roofing material is laid in the time of the design of the house and it depends on what the total weight will be the design, and consequently how to do the Foundation. Materials there are many, ranging from slate known from the ancient times to the metal.

Then you can do the installation of Windows and doors – either wood or plastic. Wooden Windows and doors though, and require more care, for create a unique cosiness and a feeling of warmth in the house. To do this, and independently, of course with the presence of tools and experience.

And finally you can start decorating the house – the most expensive part of construction. It will all depend on your imagination and financial possibilities.

It remains only to enter the house in operation and enjoy life in a house built with his own hands, or not only his.

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