How to build a gazebo with your own hands


How to build a gazebo

Where you often want to say: «Stop a moment, you’re beautiful»? Of course, in the fresh air. So the inhabitants of modern cities are so eager to be with nature alone. This is easiest to do in a private home and to build a gazebo.

Choose the type of garden gazebo

For these purposes, the owners erected a cozy gazebo, barbecue. They can be of three types. The first is a closed structure. A gazebo can be even in the winter, especially if you arrange heating. The second type is a structure with a blank wall. Its design requires special attention, as well as to calculate the wind direction and the position of the sun in different periods of the day.

Location of pavilions on the site

Next you need to determine the location for a future building. It can be any size. Only do not forget about safety. Each person can be at a distance of three meters from the fire. Arbor barbecue built with a slight angle of approximately 20 degrees. This is done in order to not accumulate precipitation.

To build a gazebo

As for the material, it can be anything. But it so happened that the street construction made of wood. This material has several advantages. First, it is environmentally friendly. Second, fits in the environment. This is important if the project is a landscape designer. In addition, the tree is very light in weight and easy to handle. Easy to work with even novice masters. So the barbecue hut wood is the most optimal solution.

Begin construction of the gazebo

The installation starts with the Foundation. It should be «lay» as smoothly as possible. Then the structure will stand for a long time. Most often, the master put a continuous footing. It is able to withstand any load. Not too much roof. It is better to make from timber or lightweight tile. All the walls have a special mount. They allow you to connect the elements together. In addition, the gazebo is a mobile. If necessary it can be quickly dismantled and moved to another place.

The area for cooking is made of simple plywood or boards. Near it is best to leave the work surface. It is easy to cut bread or meat. For convenience some owners do here countertop. This allows guests to have «on the spot». It is simple to arrange, slightly lifting the Board.

To build a barbecue house independently, or ask for help from professionals. Consider the fact that in the future to increase it. Also it should have the possibility of re-equipment.

Pleasant recreation!

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