How to avoid the risks of buying newly-built properties

How to avoid the risks of buying newly-built properties

A huge market of new properties on the market could confound everyone. Besides, not every developer is honest. Perhaps you have heard stories about how people bought apartments in new buildings, and then tried to return them. In this article we will explain how to avoid the risks in buying a home in the new building.

The advantages of professional services

The company engaged in real estate, usually worked for many years in the real estate market. They are well known for offering its clients a full package of services. Experts will not only help you choose the most suitable option from the huge number of proposals, they will guide you through the jungle of obtaining a mortgage, registration and deal registration, will help with mutual calculations and will prevent many risks.

The ability of realtors to minimize risks is particularly important for those clients who buy apartments in buildings under construction, in the language of specialists – in new buildings. The possibility of apartments in new buildings cheap is often an irresistible temptation for potential buyers who know little about the dangers that lie behind this proposal.

Principal risks of the acquisition of new housing

The main risk in these situations – the risk of losing money. After the adoption of the law on joint construction, which considerably improved the position of shareholders, it took many years and a construction company has managed to develop a new scheme. To understand these schemes can only a lawyer specializing in real estate matters. Specialists of the legal Department doing their job for years and know all the developers used tricks, so deciding where to buy an apartment in Moscow, take advantage of their experience.

Before you sign any contract with the developer, is needed within the transaction to consult with lawyers to know which documents need to have the developer as they have to date look like they should be. Besides legal examination of documents, the company’s specialists will help you find out if banks are willing to give mortgage loans to customers of this Builder. This point is particularly important, as banks before deciding on lending carried out a serious inspection of the object.

Another common risk to be in a situation where the developer sells one apartment to several customers. This protects the signing of the equity contract – it guarantees your rights in court. However, the contract may contain a few pitfalls that will help you find lawyers.

The main of them is absence of sanctions for violation of terms of construction. In this case, a high risk of becoming a victim of protracted. Some companies, including sanctions, have added to it the words «violation of the terms of the company’s fault», and then does not pay the penalty, arguing that they are not to blame. And these details and small things can be set. If, before signing the contract you will discuss it with the experts, the risk of becoming a victim of long lasting for you will be minimal.

Upon completion, anyone who has bought an apartment in the building, must sign the certificate of acceptance. Here you will again need the help of a specialist who will help you to see all of the «bottlenecks» in the new apartment and will help to make the act, which requires the developer to remedy defects. Such independent examination of construction projects has become common practice during the purchase of housing.

If you have decided to buy an apartment in the building – be sure to call the company, don’t risk their money and their future.

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