How to arrange the interior in a new building – tips designers

How to arrange the interior in a new building – tips designers 10

Who among us does not dream about his apartment? But if it is also interior to create to your liking, and that will be picture perfect! How to achieve the perfect design and to avoid mistakes? Experts say that the main thing is to think everything through in advance.

Even if the paperwork for the apartment is at the initial stage of construction of new buildings and plan to see with your own eyes is not possible, do not despair. On the website novostroyki.lun in each ad are real pictures of the different residential complexes. You can find a house with a similar layout or use the layout of future apartments, which are also often attached to the ads. Further business for small: to plan the interior design and listen to the advice of experts.


The first thing to do when designing interior designis to consider the overall style and direction. It is very important that the interior of all rooms in the apartment together harmoniously. General tips designers here will be very useful. If you want to visually expand the space, it is better to choose light colors for walls and floors, light fabrics on Windows, a minimum of furniture.

To make the ceiling visually higher will help vertical stripes in the decoration of the walls and configured correctly lighting. Dark colors are best used in rooms with large area, where the loss of space will be critical.

Many designers are actively using today’s zoning. It’s a fun way to diversify the interior of large rooms and make the space more functional.

Attention to detail

When planning the interior design, it is very important to pay attention not only to the design of walls, floor and ceiling, but all sorts of things. It is because they make up the overall picture, which is supposed to be perfect.

What are the blinds hanging on the Windows as they blend with the color of the upholstery of upholstered furniture, which paintings to hang on the wall, fit in the interior of the clock and fresh flowers – these and many other questions are certainly worth to find answers to the start of repairs.

Professional work

Even if interior design did you do yourself, saving on the services of a specialist to perform the repair work yourself is hardly worth it. Undoubtedly, the list will be the ones that is the power of everyone of us. However, for example, laying tile or plaster walls require certain skills and knowledge. Not to spoil the idea and obtain the perfect interior of a new apartment it is better to entrust the works to the professionals. Experts claim that these costs are more than justified.

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