How to arrange room in small apartment?

How to arrange room in small apartment?

How to equip the office in a small apartment? The problem of lack of living space is familiar to many. Especially those who spend a lot of time working at home. The place for the «office» usually have a last. And if a separate room for the working area , no, «attach» it in a residential area can sometimes be problematic. As a solution to the problem – furniture with secret, or rather decompose, or keeps the inside of something that no one expects to see.

For example, if the work does not need a massive table or Executive offices premium mahogany, and can simply stand for a laptop and some space for documents or office, you can place all this in a small hanging Cabinet with drop down door that serves as a table. To begin, simply open the furniture and put a chair. You can take an office as many offices. Set on one level, they form a large working area that you will be comfortable to use. This option is good because you can arrange the Cabinet in any room, with any décor – all the elements of a modern business style will be safely hidden behind doors. And sometimes multicolored spines of folders can not only show, but to make them a decorative element. In this case, part of the cupboards in the manufacture of should order without doors.

Convenient for work, but at the same time a very compact solution is a writing Desk or a Secretary. This piece of furniture a modern invention is difficult to call. Already three centuries ago, the aristocracy, enjoy desks with pull out or hinged tops. Modernized Bureau in today’s housing will look appropriate and fashionable piece of furniture. At the same time his qualities remain the convenience and practicality – drawers accommodate necessary stuff, and because the top can come and go, the room Bureau will take up very little space. The disadvantage of this design can only be considered that even when extended the table area of the workspace is still small.

If you work for a comfortable desired location is more spacious, will have to choose and design more massive. For example, it may be the Duo – table on wheels and table, which can compactly be folded. With such a mobile piece of furniture you will be able to organize not just a space to work, but a mini office right at home. It is not enough that a massive stand is placed all the documentation, there will be a place for some technology – for example, for the printer. The table in this set should be a little higher and a little wider cabinets exactly so that when folded as if to cover it. Bonded they must be only the axis around which revolves the upper part. Under the scheme, the system resembles a pair of scissors. It is quite suitable for very tight rooms, where to roll the round table particularly nowhere. Since this work area still remains fixed and changes only the area of the working area, next would be appropriate to place a light shelf for books and documents. Using a small bookcase or shelf conveniently zoned space. Most furniture clearly mark the boundary between the residential area and working.

And the last setting my «office«, remember that you are trying is not in vain. With the advent of a separate area for work you will no longer be underfoot in the household, looking for a comfortable place to sit with a laptop. Your records will be stored in the designated place, not under the bed. And guests will not witness the violent labour the process, because everything will be hidden and your home will be in the best light.

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