How to arrange pictures on the wall?

How to arrange pictures on the wall

You have selected the desired photos and posters. But what frame is better for them to choose, how to arrange pictures on the wall? In this article you will find some useful tips that will help you to harmoniously decorate your walls with photos and paintings.

The most advantageous option, which will preserve order and harmony to your wall is to select all the frames the same color. But their rim, thickness, size can be completely different, this will not affect the overall look. In case your room is filled with bright colors, you will certainly be able to get the frame in silver or transparent colors. They are able to emphasize a picture and not to spoil the interior. If the room is in neutral tones, the bright colors, the most suitable large frames for photos a dark color. These frames will create the right focus in the room. Frames black always look clearly and strongly, and bright colors elegant, can highlight the subtleties of flavor.

Well, if you have your own children and family photographer. In this case, all your shots will be executed in single style and you will not be difficult to harmoniously put them together on the wall, even if they have different size.

Most likely, everyone in the house, there are many different various size and shapes. Select from them those that would like to see on your wall, be sure to see how good they look, being next to each other. If you have decided which single will be the color of your framework, but there are those who do not fit the combination of color, you just paint in the appropriate tons. It is best to choose acrylic paint because it is easy to bear and long dries.

Your photo is ready. Now we have to determine the scheme in which you will create your own gallery. Frames of various shapes can be accommodated in a chaotic manner, this arrangement will allow in the future to fill up the gallery with new photos, not causing problems. You can also choose to arrange photos strictly one to one. In this case, the frame must be of the same size. If you want to do something original, you do not need to create a schema in the form of a square, you can make absolutely any pattern.

When your frames are different sizes, you have the opportunity to arrange them in a square. This choice will have particularly anxious to chart, but the result is gorgeous!

Also, it is possible to focus on any thing in the center. That is, the center should be a poster larger than the others, or it could be the mirror, and around it are placed a small photo frames. To place this framework in a free and symmetrical order.

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