How to arrange lighting in the hallway of your home

How to arrange lighting in the hallway

Statistics show that when planning the renovation of the apartment on the hallway , we think last. And it is in vain. For the main part of the population, people born in Soviet times, the corridor is a long, dark corridor with many doorways.

To transcend this stereotype will help modern renovation in the hall, and the main role in it plays the light. About how to arrange lighting in the hallway, and will be discussed further.

Surely everyone at least once noticed that on Sunny days, our optimism is boundless. And this is not surprising, because a large amount of light is always uplifting and adds strength. On a Sunny day, we are optimistic and quite active, but when overcast – experiencing lack of energy, always wants to sleep and any problems seem huge. This quality is inherent not only natural but also artificial lighting.

The darkness in the hallway is a negative, which affects the state of a person who lives in the house. For this reason, first and foremost, designers need to fill with light the corridor. It is not strange, but lighting can be considered as a design element, and use it anywhere.

In order to add hallway lighting ideal variety of mobile lamps, their height and direction can be directed anywhere on the market. With such lamps it is possible to divide the room into separate zones. Very interesting solution is the reduction in brightness towards the end of the corridor.

Still, a good option for long corridors, niches will be equipped with a light. They can be run in the classic rectangular shape or original. A niche can be bright accents in the hallway or to set the tone for the overall look of the room.

Even for lighting, you can use pictures that are equipped with light. They can be personal photos, collages or arrange the ability to change images and change their mood and the occasion.

Of course, artificial lighting has no boundaries. But be sure to limit yourself to only this light. Usually the hallway exclude the presence of window openings, but adjacent rooms are filled with sunlight. You can use a door with glass inserts, which provide an opportunity of filling the corridor and even natural light, even if partially.

With these simple tips, you can create a harmonious design of a long corridor without assistance. Never forget about lighting and good spirits dwell in your house!

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