How to arrange a dining kitchen area

How to arrange a dining kitchen area

How to arrange a dining area the kitchen? From the dining area depends on many things: it should bring comfort and warmth to be a proud mistress and the envy of. Her you eat with family, to treat guests, having a friendly conversation. To the arrangement of the dining area should be approached with great responsibility.

The layout of most modern apartments does not allow to allocate a separate room for the dining roomand the kitchen have to be content with a small area. But if you wish, this humble corner can be equipped with comfort.

Dining area, with small kitchen

When choosing furniture, consider all the free space, their size, leaving space for the passage and movement of chairs. If you plan to install the corner of the couch, then consider that between it and the table has sufficient space. The ideal solution would be to buy a kitchen area from divan-max. Huge range of kitchen furniture from this company will allow everyone to find something to your taste and color. Here are kitchen nooks in different styles, folding and not, with cushions and without.

If you are the proud owner of a spacious kitchen, it is better to give more space for the installation of furniture or equipment. In order for the dining area had more space, you can reduce the number of lockers, and buy kitchen appliances of small dimensions with many different functions. As furniture you can use a folding table and a cupboard, these items will fit well in the interior dining room and will be easy to use.

The lighting in the kitchen

To ensure the comfort of the important role the kitchen plays the right lighting. The extra lighting is allowed to use sconces, installing them on the wall, preferably to match my chandelier which is used for the main lighting.

A great option of lighting the dining area is a chandelier installed over a dining table. For lighting round table, dining area, experts recommend installing the lamp also round shape and square table under square chandelier.

For a comfortable stay at the dining table, from table to fixture mounted table must be 80 cm light Bulb in the chandelier you should install a small capacity, so they only give a warm light.

Dining area, large kitchen

The owners of dishes big sizes can use more furniture and various decorative elements. In the kitchen-living room is already possible to set the sideboard of small size, it would spread out the beautiful dishes and have it at hand.

The highlight of the interior

Further revitalize the interior, designed in one style of curtains and tablecloth, and to increase the effect can small cushions and cushion or chair covers. As additional elements you can use the gifts, setting them on narrow shelves, and stylish paintings on the walls.

The large living room you can install a fireplace, not necessarily for space heating and decorative. This element will give a luxury dining area and accentuate the taste. High Windows can add drape, to install the heavy candlesticks on the floor lay a fluffy carpet, install hardwood furniture on which to put a vase with bouquets of fresh flowers, and as the point dish with fruit composition.

You will succeed!

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