How to adjust the shape of your lips without surgery or Botox

How to adjust the shape of your lips without surgery or Botox

Women’s lips, of course, remains an attractive highlight for every female. At the present time are considered attractive naturally pink lips, tender, soft and clear path. Not every woman can boast of the natural beauty of your lips. But to resort to the use of Botox, not every endeavor. But how can that be in this case, when the lips do not correspond to modern standards of beauty? The answer is simple, you need with the help of cosmetic items to adjust the shape of your lips without surgery or Botox, after playing with the shades and colors of lipstick. Done right makeup will help to hide some imperfections and make them bright and beautiful.

For women whose lips are in the form of two thin stripes that almost blend in, you need to pick up certain shades of lipstick that will smooth out the disadvantage and help make them more voluminous and attractive. To create the perfect make-up thin lips, you should use warm colors of cosmetics that will be presented in pearlescent hues. The color scheme should be transferred to pink or beige tones. Dark shades and matte texture is absolutely contraindicated. They will visually decrease the volume of the lips.

When drawing a line around the lip contour pencil, you need to go beyond their contour, 1.5 – 2 mm. you Need to remember that the pencil should be a tone darker than the lipstick. Lipstick is best applied with a lip brush that helps to evenly distribute the lipstick on lip surface. Glitter must be used for dyeing only the Central part of the lips, not reaching their corners. This will allow you to visually make the lips more plump and attractive. If you have on makeup in no time. the contouring nasolabial folds will help to adjust the contour of the lips for a long time.

The dream of every woman become full lips. But those whom nature has endowed with too full lips, not happy at all. Here comes the correct makeup that will not leave a trace of this shortcoming. The colors of the glitter and the lipstick should be combined with the color type appearance. In order to visually make the lips less need to use pale shades and transparent tones.

To emphasize the naturally beautiful fullness of the lips suitable pearlescent and matte colors. Liner should match the tone of lipstick. The line of the pencil is applied on the contour of the lips, but not less than the natural contour. It is better to a little shade. The basis of the lip makeup should be the concealer, which top is covered with powder. It makes makeup more stable. When applying the lipstick you should use the pads of your fingers.

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