How to add a modicum of passion in the bedroom

How to add a modicum of passion in the bedroom

The tender and true love can destroy the lack of thrills and everyday life. Quite often couples, going into the bedroom, thinking only about how to fall asleep faster. Of course sleep is also important, but far more important to lovers, even after years of experience to each other craving. Psychologists have found that the level of feelings and passion between couples affects the interior of the bedroom. You should just change some items in the room and the couple plunged again on your honeymoon.

It is very important to choose bedroom interior primary color, as it can affect the psychological state of couples and sexual impulses. Many naively think that black, red and purple color in the interior will add passion, but it’s not. Designers are strongly advised not to use these colors in decorating the bedroom, because they cause human fatigue and aggressiveness. The best color scheme for bedrooms: all luscious shades of warm colors, they give the room a romantic look. The most suitable colors: apricot, strawberry, watermelon, and tangerine. To not make the room too fussy, you should use no more than 5 shades.

Add a spark of passion in the bedroom will help the lighting, as it is a key element for creating a romantic mood. Adding a little eye shadow can make the bedroom more mysterious and attractive. For bedrooms a pair of lovers, designers recommend to choose the most natural light. Perfect lamp that lets you adjust the level of light and floor lamp, it will fill the room with moonlight.

With a properly sized decor is easy to create in the room a passionate sensual atmosphere. To choose the decor you need with a slight erotic overtones. For example, creative candle holders, sensual paintings or statues sexy. The bedroom must be a picture with peonies, as they symbolize love and passion in the relationship. Add a little more passion will mirror that reflected the bed. Beautiful linens you can choose here shtoranadom/postelnoe-belyo/komplekty-postelnogo-belya. it is necessary to adhere to the basic colors.

The bedroom should not be overloaded with furniture. Just everything you need. Luxurious wide bed, some bedside tables and a dressing table. In the bedroom of couples do not place a television, computer, and other equipment. Nothing should distract the partners from each other. None of the items in the interior of the bedroom should not focus on the attention.

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