How to achieve rejuvenation and longevity

How to achieve rejuvenation and longevity

How to achieve rejuvenation and longevity? Beauty and good health wants to have every woman, girl or lady. If one of these components is not fully present, the woman begins to worry. To feel young, do not have to put expensive anti-aging creams because there are normal guidelines to help maintain health and beauty.

When we were very young, we are different ways and tricks trying to look older than their years. Becoming older and wiser, we wistfully recalls his youth, wanting to look and feel much younger. The most desperate go to a surgery clinic in Moscow, but would not give his old age to take over a top!

It is not necessary to hurry to run to the pharmacy for expensive wrinkle creams or to go to a plastic surgeon. The second option is undesirable as it can lead to tragic consequences, and your attractive appearance not like it at all, You can lose your health.

The best is to follow simple rules. Do not overeat, keep a balanced diet, eat more cereal, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Eat less uglevodosoderzhaschie products: pasta, flour products. When buying products, read what they are, to rule out harmful effects on Your body different preservatives. Choosing between sausage and meat, give preference to meat, because hope on the honesty of the manufacturer is currently not worth it.

Eat fish, particularly fatty, such as salmon, trout, herring, it contains useful for our body fats. Drink pure water, herbal teas, fresh juices. It is not necessary to abuse alcohol and coffee and Smoking all need to abandon all this together steals years of Your life. If You are a lover of sweet, reduce the amount in your diet. You’re childhood was told that sweets would rot our teeth, fattening figure.

Your smile must Shine healthy teeth, not stained and carious! We are sick of the person who has bad breath!

Try to avoid people with whom You are uncomfortable, unpleasant, which are constantly creating a stressful situation. Stress impairs human health, contribute to the development of chronic diseases. To better communicate with positive people, less to watch and listen to negative information, it is better to read a book or listen to good music. Good impact on the health and beauty nature provides. Walk more on the street, in the woods, relax on the rivers, and if possible sea view.

Eliminating just a few bad habits, You will get a natural rejuvenation yourself in five to ten years!

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