How music affects our life?

How music affects our life?

Sounds and music accompany human since his appearance on Earth. For primitive people the playing of certain sounds or sound combinations were sort of communication. Melody has been an integral part of the ritual and was considered sacred.

In our time without music can not live a single day. We hear it everywhere: at work, in transport, often just walking down the street. Advertising, movies, cartoons filled with music. Today’s technology allows you to listen to music 24 hours a day.

A variety of music genres allows the person to choose what suits him, reflecting his feelings and emotions at the moment. Many change their preferences, often depending on the mood, physical and mental state. And there are those who remain faithful to one genre.

But how does it affect what we listen to on our body and psyche? Even Pythagoras emphasized the influence of certain melodies on the psychological state of a person. Aggression and anger have calmed down relatively pleasant sounds, melancholy and depression was treated on the contrary a vigorous and rhythmic melodies. He called it «musical medicine» and he has repeatedly tested the properties of the music itself.

At the moment there are clinics where, with the help of music therapy to treat some mental diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system and even the respiratory and digestive systems.

The influence of different styles of music on people

It is proved that the person begins to hear and respond to sound at the 5th month of fetal development. Many doctors advise pregnant women to listen to classical music to better mental and physical development of the child. And in fact, children whose mothers listened to a harmonious and pleasant music while pregnant have better adaptive properties than others.

Adult classical music has a calming, soothing, and inspiring properties. It reduces the risk of stress, increases efficiency, improves mood and vitality of the spirit. Someone listening to music on headphones, and someone lacking even a Hi-Fi equipment, musicmag/hi-fi-stereo/dac in order to fully enjoy the music.

This music is good any time. In the morning before work, it helps to tune in the desired fashion during the work – to focus on really. At the end of the day listening to this genre leads to a calming of the nervous system, the «liberation» of the head from the thoughts and prepare to rest. Psychologists have identified classical music as the most enjoyable and the perfect genre for a person.

Unlike the classics, rock music differs in that it has a stressful effect on the body. That appeared in the early 60’s direction made a splash among young people. It was something that went beyond rules and regulations. Most wave.

Characterized by a large number of high and low frequencies and combined with high volume, it has a destructive effect on the brain, gastrointestinal tract, mental state. After a long listen to hard rock, the person loses the ability to think properly and to react. The body begins to succumb to animal instincts, aggressive attacks, depression and suicidal tendencies.

Pop music has a different effect on mood. One she can calm, filled with life and joy, the other, on the contrary, to annoy, to bore. But scientists have proved that pop music has a negative impact on a person’s ability to remember, attentiveness, reduces the brain activity of the individual.

Choosing the style of music to listen to, of course, we are all guided by their personal tastes and preferences. But listening to even the most good in our opinion melody (whether classical, rock, rap or pop) do not forget that everything is good in moderation.

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