How is the water supply and Sewerage in the house?

How is the water supply and Sewerage in the house

Water supply and sanitation – benefits of civilization! Day to day we cook, do Laundry, wash dishes, take baths and showers – we can’t live without water. Every woman wants to cook dinner in a comfortable environment, every owner wants to relax in the bath or shower after the end of the day. Each of us wants, that the house was water, which you can be happy to use, so we all once faced with such concepts as water supply and sanitation.

Features of water supply in different times

At all times there was the problem of water supply and sanitation. Over the last century mankind has made a huge leap in the development of solutions to this issue. Annually held exhibitions and forums on the subject, where engineering innovations in this area, and where qualified professionals can appreciate them, and only after that to offer us. Today, despite the individual approach, there are many versions of the systems.

In varying degrees, each of us understands how to work the plumbing in the house. For most people this is pipe, valves, pumps and so-called «points» bath, sink, toilet.

How to mount a system of water supply and sanitation?

To start, try to answer some important questions:

  • What source of water it is better to use it in your yard and where it is placed.
  • What equipment to use when mounting to solve the problem of water supply and sanitation once and for all.
  • How to calculate load and how much you will need equipment to create the necessary pressure for the system to work properly.
  • How to ensure proper wastewater treatment and to avoid contamination of the soil.

Actually these are difficult questions to yourself to understand this will take a long time. In any case, you will not be without consultation with the engineer. For the initial evaluation future works you need to determine the following criteria:

  • what plumbing appliances will be in Your house and where: sink, bath, shower cabin, washing machine, dishwasher, toilet and bidet.
  • will you use water in the cold season.
  • perhaps on the site to do well or a well, how deep, and to install purification equipment for sewage water, or you will connect to the centralized water supply and drainage.

Most country homes use Autonomous water supply and Sewerage. In this case, it is not enough to deal with the system. Very important is all right to mount, considering the features of the site. For example, if sanitation takes into account the level of ground waters and their characteristics. Also it is important to determine the location of the tank for wastewater treatment must comply with the rules on its distance from nearby buildings, wells, natural and artificial reservoirs. To did the water of required quality, which can be used not only for technical purposes, but for cooking, it is necessary to correctly identify the source of such water is a well or hole, and how deep. From the source, depends on the entire supply system – the source should provide the house with sufficient amount of water, which corresponds to a target water quality indicators.

Water supply and sanitation, which are made taking into account all the nuances that will allow you to safely use water in the house for many years. To entrust the execution of the work of professional companies. When choosing a company be sure to pay attention to the warranty, the level of education of employees and use systems new engineering equipment.

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