How has the society changed with the advent of new computer games?

How has the society changed with the advent of new computer games?

With the help of computer games, the person comes to know itself. The game is a source of human development. Without computers now a part of a larger firm or company. In modern society almost all people have a computer at home, tablet laptop. As for cellphones – they have every teenager and even the child. Even fifteen or twenty years ago, people didn’t know what it’s like to communicate in social networks and talk to people at a distance through communication. As for directly, modern computer games – so much that for whole life people do not have time to try to play all.

A computer game has different influence on the human psyche. How? The fact that from the very childhood the child develops and plays. Before the game was the usual: Tetris, Tamagotchi, dandy, etc. Now the game has reached a new level: there were simulations of life – the game allows you to recreate real life in a virtual version where you are your own boss; hidden objects, puzzles, online games – chess, checkers, cards and other, more interesting types of games, gamezgid/zelenaya-svinka-s-avtomatom/.

On one side of the game – develop the brain and thinking, on the other – can cause dependence, fatigue, sore eyes, lethargy and apathy to the world. The child who got involved in any game, can become quite aggressive if to stop him. He’s happy days glued to the computer and irritable respond to everything that’s a distraction. In this case we see the dependence of computer games. But this problem applies not only to children and adolescents. Now created and continues to create games that many men become terribly dependent. A lot of families break up just for this reason. Very often women complain about their husbands who spend day in online games and don’t pay attention to their relatives. This dependence cannot somehow be cured, have to kill her yourself. If a person wants to change his life – he will do it, but if he is happy with his virtual life one – on-one game of chance practically does not remain.

To not be addicted to computer games, it is necessary to adequately treat their news, not get involved in the game for ten hours a day. Perfect time to play 2-3 hours a day. During this period your body will have time to relax and receive positive emotions. For two hours, harm to health you get.

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