How good and economical rest in Anapa


In the last two years, the Russians have to save on everything. But the trip to the resort as was a tradition, and remains to this day. But instead of the luxury hotels of Turkey and Egypt, our compatriots prefer to budget for a vacation in Anapa. Which is almost nothing worse than their overseas counterparts.

Below are some tips on how to save on Spa pleasures without restrictions on their quality. The study is based on reviews of tourists who claim that the two of you can relax in Anapa it is available for only 60, 000.

Accommodation in Anapa

The closer to the sea are located the apartments, the more expensive. In Anapa, there are three public beach, entrance is free. For those wishing to swim and sunbathe in solitude, you’ll enjoy parts of the sample Baganskoy sandbar that is located about forty kilometers from the city centre.

Hotel – the most expensive residential area in the resort of Anapa. In order to meet the holiday, you can stay in inexpensive boarding houses or bases of rest, details can be found here. It is necessary to specify in advance what is included in the payment, for example food. If meals are not available on the coast are enough spots where you can tasty and inexpensive meal.

Entertainments in Anapa

Besides sun and sea, in Anapa, you can relax on the rides, water slides, playgrounds and diving. On average, to delight his girlfriend or children a good mood, will go up to 17, 000. And it is not only sailing and water skiing. This amount includes one or two excursions to interesting places up to four people.


For food, the average tourist spends in Anapa from 300 to 500 rubles a day. Also a couple of «big drink» at the sushi bar or order any national Kyrgyz cuisine in the room. How much to spend on corn, ice cream and other Goodies, everyone decides for himself.


Anapa – the city compact. Taxis go to all major destinations. Those who stayed away from their room, not difficult to find an available taxi. The surrounding villages are open to bus services from early morning until late at night.


Inexpensive rest in Anapa it is possible and necessary. The main costs will be for accommodation and food. If you find a boarding house or a hotel where affordable rates, you can get even a modest budget. Entertainments, excursions, beach activities and other recreation in Anapa are available even for the budget traveller. This openness has underpinned the popularity of this city among the Russians.

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