How easy it is to get international driving license

How easy it is to get international driving license

How easy it is to obtain international driver’s license? think about it, many modern motorists who like to travel by car. With the development of independent tourism, the presence of international driver’s license in our days is increasingly important. It is issued in addition to the national and allows you to drive in foreign countries, and, importantly, makes it possible to easily rent a car in other countries.

Motorists will also need the AWD for the car wash. With the help of powerful water jets you can quickly and easily be able to wash your car from any dirt!

Which do not require an international driving permit

In several countries, namely in the 69 countries that took the» Vienna Convention on road traffic» driving is possible on the basis of the Russian national rights. For convenience, the search will lead them in alphabetical order:




Bahamas, Belarus, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria,Brazil


Britain, Venezuela, Hungary


Germany, Herzegovina, Greece, Georgia, Guyana, Ghana




Zaire, Zimbabwe


Spain, Italy ,Israel, Indonesia, Iran


Korea, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Côte D’ivoire, Kuwait


Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg


Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Moldova,Monaco


Norway, Niger


Portugal, Poland, Pakistan


Russian Federation, Romania


Slovakia, Slovenia ,San Marino, Seychelles, Senegal


Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan


Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uruguay


Finland, France, Philippines






Czech Republic, Chile




Ecuador, Estonia


South Africa, Yugoslavia

Countries list can easily travel with native rights, but what to do if your travel or business trip is planned in a state not included in the list? Then you should consider getting an international driver’s license, and how it’s easy to do and will be discussed in this article.

The notion of international rights, what is it?

Therefore, international law represents an additional document to the national, which contains the translation data and the open categories of vehicles in foreign languages (English,German, Spanish,Arabic, Italian, Japanese and Chinese). Without the presence of Russian identity, they will not be considered valid and does not give the right to drive a car abroad and on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian international law it is possible to obtain a maximum period of three years or less, if, before the expiry of national rights remains less than three years. After this period the rights are subject to replacement. At the same time, you won’t have to take the SDA exam to acquire such rights.

As to international law

International law of the Russian Federation are issued in the district offices of MREO GAI, although not in all, but only which provides this service. On the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate gibdd/ have a very convenient service of finding the right unit with a list of services, addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation. It is worth to take note that many commercial garages provide this service with the Commission, which is sometimes twice the size of state duty, therefore, in order to reduce the search time advise to consult by phone.

Required documents

  • Statement (you can download a blank form and fill yourself, to take a blank in the place of obtaining rights, sometimes in commercial MREO statement offered to fill in for you)
  • National driver’s license
  • Internal passport*
  • Valid medical certificate (Now this service provides a range of medical centres, the goal of obtaining should make reference to international law the desired category)
  • Colour photo 3.5 x 4.5 on matte paper
  • Payment receipt of state duty, which amounts to 1,000 rubles** (receipt can be downloaded on the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate, to take in the selected point of delivery, to pay in the savings Bank or the terminal, non-cash using online services. If you have a paid services stamp duty, and filling of statements already included in the price).

* suggest to bring passport, sometimes it may require.

** New 2015 it is planned to increase the size of the tax do1600 rubles.

What is nice, take exams is not necessary.

The right to be issued on the day of filing, you will need to sign in the register and, voila, you are a happy owner of the international rights.

Good luck on the road!

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