How do you make a grill out of gas tank?

How do you make a grill out of gas tank?

Mobile grill from the gas cylinder – it is doubtless, convenient at the cottage or a plot thing. Combining the functions of a barbecue and a bonfire for barbecue cooking, it will always be the soul of any company in the holidays and weekends. For the craftsman, who owns skills of work with a grinder, drill and welding, its production should not be extremely difficult. But the one who first picked up a grinder, will be able to cope with running multiple sections. But welding it is possible to replace the fastening parts of the grill on the threaded connection.

What is needed for the manufacture of the grill?

The main subject that we need to find – empty bottle from under the propane with a capacity of 50 liters. To make him a grill, you need some tools:

  • Bulgarian;
  • drill;
  • welding machine;
  • 2 gas key;
  • nuts and bolts for threaded connection of parts;
  • sections of the area, inch pipe, rod or similar metal;
  • hinges and handles made of metal.

If the balloon is well preserved, and it shows you the warning «Flammable!». This means that for the slightest of sparks can be big trouble. Therefore, the gas keys need to Unscrew the valve at the upper end of the container. To completely remove leftovers of propane and the condensate from the cylinder into the hole to pour water to the brim. To withstand for several hours and pour the water. Cleaned the cylinder can now be machined in metal-cutting tools and welding, not fearing for their own health.

How to lay out and cut the balloon?

In the lower and upper parts of the tank has an annular bulge. They serve as guidelines when working with the cylinder. Along side future grill line from one ring to the other. A second line to carry out so that it is exactly opposite the first, on the other side of the cylinder. Make cuts along these lines. 2 cut must pass near the ring lines at the top and bottom of the cylinder. They perform only half of the cylinder, that is cut from one side to the other. It is desirable not to damage the inside of the steel ring. The bottom and cover remain intact.

In the result, marking and cutting needs to go 2 unequal parts: half of the cylindrical body welded to it with the lid and bottom of the former tank and a portion of a cylinder without top and bottom. . The first part will serve as the body of the grill. The second cover will be made.

Further steps in the Assembly of the grill

The part intended for the cover, to be postponed. In the bottom of the case to make the drill rows of holes for inflow of air during firing. On the longitudinal edges of the shell to weld a steel area of 2,5×2,5 so that one part of it was vertical, and the second is directed inward. This detail will be a stiffener for the edge and will carry additional support for the barbecue grill. In vertically arranged to the plane of the area necessary to make cuts at a distance of 5-7 cm from each other. Cuts should be located symmetrically on the front and rear edge of the grill. To them later, you can set the skewers.

If it is not possible to weld the corners to the edges of the grill, you can use a threaded connection. To do this along each edge at a distance of 1 cm from the edge to drill a series of holes with step of 5 cm Diameter should match the diameter of the bolts for the connection.

Add the corner to the edge of the grill and to identify the location holes so that they accurately match the holes in the housing. Drill them and secure the area, inserting the bolts so that the cap was inside the case.

In the manufacture of folding grill legs can be welded directly to the body as it’s convenient. You can make a case removable, which from the corner, rod, etc. will have to assemble the design of the 4 legs, connected by a longitudinal and transverse horizontal parts at the top and approximately half the height of the legs. To make reliable installation of semi-circular housing it is necessary to bend the rod or the arc tube of appropriate diameter and secure them in the upper part of the body. Stand under the grill it is possible to assemble by welding or bolts, drilling the holes for parts mounting.

The lid is secured to the body to hold on to a loop of appropriate size. For this purpose along the edge of the rear edge of the housing welded or screwed parts of the separable hinges (e.g. a door). The relevant parts to attach to the lid. To install it on the body, wearing the cylinders of the loops on the pins.

To cover do not recline too far, threatening to flip the grill, on the back of his mount point-blank from a steel handle, a curved rod or welded to the stand sections of pipe or area. Look very decorative limiters in the form of chains, mounted on the highest point of the round sidewalls and the edges of the cover.

In the conclusion to attach to the lid of the metal handle to open it. If desired, you can set the chimney, strengthening the pipe with a diameter of 7-10 cm in the opening of the gate. Embodiments of the decorative finishes shown in the figure below.

Hand made grill from a gas cylinder will be much cheaper than purchased counterparts. The manifestation of imagination and ingenuity you can create a completely exclusive thing, which will decorate the yard not running. And when the grill will be used for its intended purpose, benefits from the presence of appreciate and Pets, and guests.

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