How cheaper to get to Germany by bus, train or plane?

How cheaper to get to Germany by bus, train or plane?

How cheaper to get to Germany by bus, train or plane? Germany is a country in Europe which amazes its visitors with its beauty and accuracy. For many, it is associated with perfect order, cleanliness and discipline. These qualities are also reflected and rest of the country.

Tourists in any time of the year can have a good fun in Germany. Very few of those who did not hear about the festival – the Oktoberfest, during this period, you can get the most pleasure from visiting the country. Ideally, it is not easy to have fun at the festival, but also visit different places and excursions. To go to Germany very well, not buying a tour and travelling by myself.

How cheaper to get to Germany by bus, train or plane?How cheaper to get to Germany by bus, train or plane?

What transport to choose to visit Germany: bus, train, plane?

The most ideal option that does not restrict, it is a personal car, but if there is no desire to turn gray at the wheel or, in General, there is no such option, you can use other means of transport.

The bus is cheaper than train or plane. A round trip ticket Ukraine-Germany costs about 120 euros, which is much cheaper than air transport. And plus the fact that you can go directly from any city, not making a circle where there are airports or railway stations. The advantages of a bus in front of the train, that you do not need a transplantation with transfers, and he goes on a direct route.

Fly from Ukraine to Munich (Germany), very expensive, but if lucky enough to get tickets for low-cost flights, you can use this option. But such tickets very quickly rake and they are not easy to buy even in advance. Time to buy your coveted ticket at a low price this link will help you. If you take the road from Kyiv to Munich, it would be about $ 100. But the good news is that the plane, you can curl up, relax and comfortable in it to eat.

To go to Germany by train inconvenient, because direct trains neither in Munich nor in Berlin anymore. Even a straight path along the rails from Kiev to Berlin recently canceled. Now if you want to visit a disciplined country, it is necessary to go through Warsaw or Minsk in Poland with a connection. The disadvantage is that this way is almost twice more expensive and longer, and with transfers than the bus ride.

From Kyiv to Berlin the bus ride will last the day, and the Munich a little further. But despite the range of Munich, go to it, you can save money. The bus travel the most economical and not such a long way to come to Germany from Ukraine.

What places to visit in Germany?

History of the country, its sorrows and joys reflected in the streets, squares and buildings of the state, in various museums, architecture and parks of national importance, it beckons all lovers of intellectual leisure. Everyone should look at the Berlin wall. And the luxury of beautiful nature, Bavarian castles, ski resorts will satisfy romantics and lovers of recreational sports. The Alps, with a glistening blanket of snow, are breathtaking and give an unforgettable experience.

Men will want to try German beer pubs and Bavarian cuisine. Shoppers can buy quality product from quality country.

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