How beautiful to picture

The secrets of how to get good at it in the photo

About what a nice picture, thought of each of us. Summer – time of holidays, travel and leisure. In the summer I make the most of your photos. In this article you will learn some of what needs to be done to make a good picture.

The secrets of how to get good at it in photo 2

Learn to get in the photo

  1. Choose the color of clothing that suits you. Some colors can highlight beautiful your skin tone, eye color or hair. Others can make you look drab and featureless. Try, experiment, make mistakes. The only way you will be able to find your color.
  2. Choose the right clothes. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you wear a blue shirt and blue jeans, you will merge into a solid spot. Also, try not to dress too fancy, too bright clothing will distract from your face.
  3. Hide your flaws. Minus the pictures that it is a frozen image of your perspective in any particular moment, and not necessarily that this moment will capture nothing but your dignity. But if you have flaws that you know you can hide them. For example, if you know about the flaw on the left side of your face, just turn around to get you off on the right.
  4. Determine your best angle. In addition, to get rid of the obvious disadvantages, find your good angle. Experiment with a digital camera. It will help you instantly see results and measure what angles are most advantageous for you and which should be avoided in the future.
  5. Get rid of double chin. Slightly tilt your head and imagine that the camera is slightly above eye level. This will help you to hide a double chin and a good picture. You can also put one hand under her chin as though your head is on it. You don’t have to push her chin on her hand, otherwise the skin may be uneven. You can still press your tongue to your palate. Be careful – sometimes a slight tilt of the head forward can create the effect of a double chin, instead of trying to hide it.
  6. Use cunning, which often resort model. Turn your head so that 3/4 of the face looking at the camera (not full face). Slightly pull your neck and slightly tilt your head down (as do parakeets). This trick will help you hide wrinkles and skin irregularities.
  1. Relax. Some people are not very good at it in the photos, because you’re acting in front of the camera unnatural. They are tight and instead of a smile, shouting: «Cheese!». If you have a lot of experience bad photos, you probably get nervous in front of the lens. Take a deep breath-exhale, relax your shoulders, smile. If you are too late noticed that you removed, don’t panic, trying to take a nice position. Try to remain calm and ignore the camera. Perhaps your photos aren’t perfect, but it is, in any case, better than your attempts to quickly change the expression, caught by the camera. The calmer and more confident you will be in the picture, the better.
  2. Think about something good. Unnatural and insincere smile on the face of it looks, to put it mildly, strange. If the photo you’ll be unnatural and insincere smile on her face, you will look, to put it mildly, strange. When people smile for a long time, waiting for the click of the camera their smiles of joyful can turn into tense, so it’s best to smile directly at the time of the snapshot. You can also remember something funny or think of someone whom you love. By doing this, you will smile genuinely. If you don’t like your teeth or smile, try to smile more closed.
  3. Smile with your eyes. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy, slightly mischievous expression of the eyes in the photo. To achieve this expression, imagine that the camera is a person you very much like I have just entered the room. This will create the effect of wider eyes and sincere smiles. Most likely, subconsciously you do and you just need to learn how to do it on purpose. Practice in front of a mirror.
  4. Hold the posture. Good posture can dramatically improve your appearance. Besides correct posture has a positive effect on your health and sets you apart from slouching people. Just remember to breathe correctly and keep your shoulders in a relaxed state. Constantly monitor your posture, and over time you learn to hold it correctly without thinking about it. Train in front of the mirror.
  5. Find a good photographer. Professional photographers usually know how to emphasize the human beauty. Of course, you can’t always choose, but sometimes possible. When choosing a photographer, consider not only how well you turned out in his pictures, but also how you are there for yourself similar. Does it make sense to take pictures that do not Express your essence, even if you are divinely beautiful on them.
  6. You can edit photographs. If you’ve tried everything but failed to get the desired result, try to slightly change your digital photos with the help of special programs. Some effects will greatly improve your shots.
  7. Turn on the imagination. Many people are good at it in the photo, because I can relax in front of the camera lens. Imagine that behind the camera is someone you love, your old friend, your favorite person or your child. Look at the camera with love. Try it, it really works.
  8. Adjust the lighting so that it fell from above and slightly to the left. It is very important to keep the T-zone(the upper part of the nose and the forehead) lit. Especially on hot days when it can become a little damp from sweat.
  9. Relax, smile and do not worry. Then you get on a photo natural, fresh and attractive.
  10. Keep your face in balance. Look at yourself in the mirror. Actually, it’s not the person who will fix the camera. After some time your face will come to normal. This state is the «balance person». Now relax your eye area and activate the area of the lips. Do not squeeze the teeth, just make sure your upper and lower jaw closed. Smile, your face should not be gloomy and sad. Don’t forget that the key to good photos is your confidence and good mood.

The secrets of how to get good at it in photo 3

Other secrets of the photogenic:

Use Photoshop or other editors. But do not overdo it, otherwise you may make things worse. Study pictures of famous models just photogenic. You can try to copy their facial expressions and poses. But remember that your friends, relatives and loved ones want to see pictures of you, not a parody of a unfamiliar person – do not overdo it. Find the angle that will be most beneficial for you.

When a group photograph ensure that the chairs where participants can sit the pictures were as close to each other. You don’t have to rely on a chair, and sit down and try to relax. To learn more about this possible, considering the portfolio of professionals.

Ask your close friends to comment on your photos. Sometimes, in order to determine what, beautiful picture, the right side view.

People have active facial expressions often are the owners of meaningless expressions depicted in the photographs. Single shooting is a great way to show how people are photogenic, really.

To smile in front of the mirror. You may not know what a smile looks fake and what is genuine. Exercise will help you to remember the smile that will be the most successful for a photo. If you are ashamed of the natural curvature of your teeth, you can fix it using invisible braces. Keep your mouth shut.

The secrets of how to get good at it in photo 4

Use the makeup. The stars walking the red carpet is not always flawless, but makeup allows them to seem so in the photo. If you have oily skin, spots on the face, lots of wrinkles, etc. experiment with different cosmetics. They will help you hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

During the photograph look slightly above the lens. Jacqueline Kennedy always used this method. It helps to reduce the effect of «red eye».

If you are photographing at full height, turn 45% relative to the camera and turn the head in the direction of the lens. Put one foot slightly forward, and the entire shift your weight on the leg, standing back. This pose will help to achieve the effect of thinness.

Three seconds until you hear a click the lens down, and then gradually raise it. Do not make sudden movements. Raising his head, smile. So you completely relax your face.

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