Horror fiction — history

Horror fiction - history

Horror fiction for a long time. It all began with terrible tales and legends that people tell each other, particularly children. The function of the progenitors of modern horror stories is quite simple: to warn people about possible danger, if he suddenly want to climb into the swamp or go deep into the woods. In Christianity still there is a concept of hell that performs the same function – to protect people from destructive and self-destructive behavior. Also widely known tales of the brothers Grimm, but few people know that their modern version greatly mitigated. Although there are such images as the chopped, salted and eaten by bandits, cannibals, the body of the girl, but in the original it was much worse, up to sexual violence. There is one caveat.

Man is a creature that could be scared for fun. It is a product of his organization to the mind, which distinguishes him from the animals. It is therefore not surprising that scary stories continue to be popular in books, movies or computer games.

One of the first innovators who made horror stories a thousand times worse than earlier, was Edgar Allan PoE. Not only that he reformed the structure of the story, giving it the popularity and artistic value, so it also struck her so many horror that his «the pit and the pendulum» «the Fall of the house of usher» «the masque of the red Death» and many other stories still frighten and scare will be on. Before him was the so-called «Gothic novels», but brought into fashion the story short and made still innocent of the horror stories true horror.

Widely known novel by Bram Stoker, «Dracula». In this work, made in the form of diaries of the main and supporting characters, describes their view of the vampire Dracula, the heir of an ancient family, who became immortal bloodsucker, able to draw in vampires of other people. We follow him, because of Jonathan Harker, who came to him for registration of the deed on one of the abandoned buildings in London, using his favorite, through the other characters. And they all United in order to defeat the vampire once and for all. In the film the image of vampires has become popular through the TV series the vampire Diaries 5 season which recently ended. The new series of this Saga, by the way will be very soon! A modern interpretation is a little different from the classic, but the Foundation which was created by Bram Stoker, has remained the same.

In our day, the widely popular Stephen king. It can rightly be called the second in the sphere of horror that he puts into his work. No wonder they call him the King of Horror and Seller of Nightmares. His works are primarily about people like you and me, with their problems, wishes and imagination. But in his novels, they are faced with forces that threaten their lives or wish to subdue them, whether it be a rabid Rottweiler cujo or animated car «Christine». These novels are written very simply, stories are often stretched, but together they seize and hold on the desire to know how it ends. Stephen king is very strongly influenced by American culture and made the seemingly impossible – given the horror of popularity.

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