Horizontal directional drilling is a modern drilling method engineering communications

Horizontal directional drilling is a method of laying pipeline without changing the natural topography, which is used in dense urban areas or in the event of natural and artificial obstacles.

The method of horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal directional drilling – a technology first tested in 1971 and since then constantly improved.

Laying of pipes horizontal directional drilling is a pre-production of a certain diameter bore at a predetermined trajectory. The second stage, after creating a hole in the ground, the hole diameter is the same unit’s HDD, but in the opposite direction, and expands to the size of the laid pipe. The third stage in the puncture done is put the whip tubing along a predetermined path. This method of laying pipeline or cable line features precision strip and excellent durability. To facilitate the rotation of the drill string and its cooling is applied betonowy solution, which, after the direct use strengthens the walls of the well from collapsing.The use of a special drill string allows you to perform a well defined depth under the obstruction and deviation in any direction.

Trenchless laying of communications differs from other types of the laying of utilities, preserving the natural cover of the soil and the compliance with environmental measures. Works on laying of networks of different purpose is made in the shortest possible time and with minimal disruption to living in the area of the population.

The benefits of horizontal drilling

Horizontal drilling as a method can be used not only for laying pipes in the settlements, but when crossing network lines, roads and railway lines. This is the least expensive method of communication laying, as for trench method of installation must be agreed with many services. For GRB is the easiest way to obtain a permit for the work.

Among the advantages of this method it is possible to note the speed of execution of works from the zero cycle to commissioning, the low financial costs (relative to other methods), high quality of work with the transfer to the customer of acts of the hidden works with the coordinates and depth of the network. At the end, place of work does not require additional construction and reconstruction of buildings and fences, remove the drilling rig.

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