Home pond. You need to create it?

Home pond. You need to create it?

Home of the pond – great idea for a garden or a small backyard. Rates can not only have a decorative purpose, but also serve as a drip pan in your drainage system.

Home of the pond – the history of

First homemade artificial ponds appeared in the East. In every Muslim yard you could see the fountain.

In China, local areas have sought to make the most similar to natural landscapes with a large number of trees and elongated with the curves of the ponds, they were supplemented by additional bridges and Islands.

Japan always had a preference for small areas with lots of vegetation and a small artificial pond or a stream.

Later, these parks with water features appeared in Europe. England largely adopted the Chinese tradition, and France preferred to design sites in a regular style – regular geometric forms.

Styles of ponds

The style of pond is selected in accordance with the design of the facade of the house and garden.

  • Japanese style. It is characterized by the use of different size stones, landing around him in conifers, a small number of herbs.
  • Chinese style. The pond is irregular in shape. Planting a larger number of deciduous trees, the use of the bridge.
  • Just a pond of regular geometric shape. Rectangular ponds are well suited for the decoration of the courtyard, combined with flower beds or lawns around. Allowed the use of terraced walkways, reminiscent of the bridge over the pond.
  • Round stakes are used for decoration of open grass lawns and areas with arched spaces.

The location and the size and material.

The location rate is selected so that a time of day illuminated by the sun, and some time was in the shade. This balance will help slow down the growth of algae, and will not interfere with the growth of ornamental plantings.

According to the rules of design size, the rate is about 4% of the area of the entire area. Its depth is usually not more than 180 cm and is divided into zones for vegetation and fish.

The base rate is made of concrete, plastic or moisture-proof films – this method will be described in detail hereinafter.

The process of creating a pond step by step

  • It all starts with the draft. Make sure you know the dimensions of rate and choose a design project that would take into account the location of plants, stones, the shape of the reservoir, and more.
  • With a hose or sand the contours of the pond. The height of all the banks must be the same.
  • Dig a pit in accordance with the depth of the first layer, to identify the second tier is to dig, outline the third tier to dig. Excavation is best left to professionals. Using special equipment, we can excavate any size and depth in the shortest possible time.
  • When the pit is dug it is necessary to measure its inner dimensions taking into account the allowances 50 cm on each side, to determine the size of the film.
  • Cover the bowl of the pond geotextile first, then with waterproof tape.
  • Along the perimeter of the pond to dig a trench, fill it in a wrap and secure with the gravel, the edge rate must be reinforced with stone blocks to avoid shedding the shore.
  • To place plants, put the bottom of the pond with stones.
  • All! You can pour the water.

Additionally, you can create a stream, it will provide water movement, and it will not stagnate. And of course, timely care of the pond plays an important role.

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