Home-pensions for the elderly: how they live and how to get there

House-homes for elderly people how to live there and how to get there

In Russia today there are more than 1.5 million homes-boarding houses for the elderly. Home-pensions for the elderly, many seem to be something terrible. Their specificity differs from that which was inherent in these institutions during the Soviet era and in the 90-ies of the last century. First of all, change the quality of service provision.

If before the elderly in these institutions simply «lived, now many people visited in homes-boarding guests, call them spas. Confirmation of this is a fundamental change internal to the premises, treatment rooms, common areas and rooms. All these innovations led to the fact that over the past few years, the average life expectancy in houses-boarding houses has increased significantly. According to statistics, living in them are elderly citizens live 5-10 years longer than all the other inhabitants of our country. If in Russia the average life expectancy is 69 years, in many homes for the elderly the rate is equal to 75-79 years.

Meanwhile, the attitude of society to these institutions has not changed. Previously they were regarded as houses «endowment» of old age and not perceived as a progressive institution. Perhaps this is correct, since the high level institutions could lead to the risk of rising wanting to join the ranks of the living. To promote the state’s point of view this should not be, because in the first place should always be the family with its traditional values of caring for loved ones. Meanwhile, data houses, pensions suggests that a large part of the guests belongs to the category family. They have close relatives, children and grandchildren, but have not needed their mother. Reasons why relatives passed the elderly for the maintenance of buildings-houses, may be different, to judge them for it difficult.

An elderly personwho voluntarily, or because of any difficult life situations can get in this social institution, it is important to understand that for him it may be the best way. Advantages of living in houses-boarding houses are numerous. One of the best can be called a boarding house for elderly people «Barvikha». For most trapped in the institution of the elderly, this is a great opportunity to start a new life, the beginning of new achievements and even victories.

The advantages of nursing homes

1. Stability and calm.

For the elderly it is very important to feel protected. This is the period of exacerbation of various diseases and ailments. While staying in this house, you can be confident in the future. There is exactly the feed, shoes, clothe, provide the necessary medicines and do Laundry. Now, many such institutions became Autonomous, it began to provide paid services to the residents of adjacent territories, expanded the list of services. For residents it has become a plus in the sense that they also have access to all treatment rooms and new services.

2. Expression.

In all institutions of this type, actively circle work. Various activities, such as singing, dancing, learning the computer, sewing, aimed at the organization of the permanent leisure living. Every year between the institutions of different contests products activities, where they can show themselves citizens who in a former life had not engaged in such.

Cons of nursing homes

Importantly, they may lose future guest is the loss of some independence and feelings of self-sufficiency. For people are «old school» it can be a real shock. In order to smooth the time of relocation, in such institutions staffed by professional psychologists who deal with the patients on various topics, helping them to solve their internal conflicts. Also has a room for psychological relief and mutual aid live.

The important point is the fact that accommodation in the house-a boarding house may be temporary, from 2 to 6 months. After this period you can return to their former place of residence, or to choose a permanent house-guest house.

How much does living in houses-boarding

These institutions are public and private. For accommodation in private homes-boarding content is usually paid for by relatives or sponsors, as pension for this is not always enough. In public institutions of retirement residents is deducted monthly 75% to pay for content, the rest seems old for personal orders.

How to be in the house-boarding house for the elderly

State house-pensions are administered by the social security authorities. Therefore, to obtain complete information on the activities of these institutions, their number and locations, in the local authority of social protection. Usually, experts of this Department require together with the application, provide the following documents:

  • certificate of disability (if any);
  • the applicant’s passport;
  • insurance;
  • the pension certificate.

The decision on issuance of the permit in house boarding house adopts specially created social security Commission. All documents are checked deep analyzed factors on the basis of which the pensioner is requested to determine the house-a boarding house.

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